Okay, I’m a bit confused about the Gap’s new shoe site, Piperlime.  I’m sure some retail analyst somewhere told the copy that selling shoes online is the way to bring up dismal sales.  However, there’s really nothing to compel me to shop at this site versus shopping at an established shoe site (with FREE UPS shipping and returns) and price guarantees like Zappos.com or ShoeBuy.com Also, the initial use of Rachel Zoe as their “style expert”, was a complete misstep.  Does anyone really care what Rachel Zoe has to say? Especially since her high profile clients have started to drop her (and Nicole Ritchie looks a thousand times BETTER now than when she was being styled by her, although she isn’t acting better)?  In addition,  the name Piperlime sounds like some household product invented by the guy who invented Oxyclean..

Not everything is bad about the site. The site has a nice selection of shoes from designers like Hollywould, Steve Madden, and Kenneth Cole in a reasonable range of sizes (5-12 for women). The prices are just as expensive as Zappos.com and the site does offer free standard shipping and free returns. You can also use your Gap, OLD Navy or Banana Republic credit cards to make purchases.

Piperlime, yea or nay?