Macy’s Enters Self Service Beauty

What: Macy’s is hopping on the bandwagon of self service beauty, with aisles of products from brands like Stila.

According to WWD: The retailer is testing the assisted, open-sell concept, called Macy’s Impulse Beauty, in 10 to 15 doors, the biggest departure yet from its long-held tradition of selling mega nameplates from behind glass counters. The concept, which coexists with beauty counters, is roughly 1,000 square feet and showcases aisle displays of smaller brands, many of which are entering Macy’s for the first time.

What We Say: Didn’t Sephora already do this with JCPenney’s? This is so not new. However, this will give us another place to scoop up our fav products. Don’t get us wrong, we love the classic beauty brands like Chanel and Clinique, but, we also, like other independent brands who offer a newer and modern take on beauty products. This format will alleviate the pressure we all feel when we are at the make-up counter to purchase one lip gloss and that sales girl starts to add on tons of other make-up and now you feel the pressure to buy everything she put on your face because she was so nice.

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  1. stylishous says

    I like that they are expanding the product lines that they carry, but I hope that there will actually be enough employees to assist customers. As it is now, sometimes you have to wait quite a bit of time at the cosmetics counters at Macy’s when there is not enough staff (sometimes no one is at the counter at all). I guess time will tell how this pans out.

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