Loft 2011 Spring Preview

Who: Loft unveils their 2011 Spring collection and invited TBF to get a sneak peek.

What They Say: “Our Spring collection ushers in an entirely new mood of joyful optimism that encourages creativity and invites you to just BE Happy!”

What We Say: Spring is all about the pretty flirty dresses that you can just throw on and instantly feel put together, so we were disappointed in the lack of dresses that were in the collection. We only saw about three and one had the nerve to be black (come on!) It would have been nice to see a few spring dresses. However, the color palette and prints in the collection rung true to what some of spring fashion is about, bright color and fun floral prints. Essentially, for spring 2011 Loft has gone back to basics, so if you’re one of those people who avoid trends at all costs then this collection may be right up your alley. You’ll find a classic double breasted trench coat, sweater jackets, and relaxed blazers. Interestingly, the trends you’ll find are all in the bottoms. There were draped modal pants, metallic textured shorts, and the surprise hit of last year, boyfriend jeans. The simplicity of the collection allows for you to be creative with your wardrobe by mixing and matching the classics with trendier pieces. For example, pairing an over-sized tee with a pair of draped cropped pants or pairing a military sweater jacket over the plain striped knit dress. We thought the collection could have had a little more pizazz, but the soft coral, teak green, and slate blue colors were springy enough to put us in a happy mood, at least until we got outside and hit that 40 degree weather.

Please Note: For attending this event, I received a necklace.

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