Celebrity Style Deconstructed – Kate Moss

It’s possible there may be no greater or better-known modern day fashion icon than Kate Moss. There are tens of thousands of pictures of her on the internet, between the covers of coffee table books and hanging in art galleries and museums all over the world confirming her style royalty status. Whether it’s that first provocative ad for Calvin Klein jeans, being the (somewhat) unwilling face of the too-thin model waif brigade or the dozens of brilliant collaborations she has done with the likes of photographer Mario Testino and British retail giants Topshop and Rimmel London, Kate Moss leaves her uber stylish mark wherever she goes. I have even seen her walking down the streets of Paris staring back at me from t-shirts worn by other soon-to-be fashionistas, hoping to inherit just a little of her effortless personal style, even if only by wearing a top emblazoned with her face.

Like any good style icon, Kate Moss knows exactly what she likes, and proves it time and again with her exceptionally well-executed ensembles; her fashion uniform that lets us know, without any doubt, just what defines her personal style.

The Style of Kate Moss


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Kate Moss knows something all good fashionistas know: the scarf is possibly the best accessory of the lot. It’s versatility makes it a must have in anyone’s closet and the fact that it’s fashionable and functional shoots it straight to the top of our best accessory list.

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