Jeans for Under $30 at Gap

The Deal: Jeans for Under $30? at the Gap’s Womens Summer Clearance sale.

The Lowdown:There’s this debate we’ve been having on TBF for like the past five years, involving whether or not you need to spend a ton of cash on jeans. Based on our research and interviews with those in the retail/manufacturing industry, we know that there is little difference in terms of the processing of denim and even the construction of the jean itself to justify the cost of uber expensive jeans. That is why we love stores like the Gap, which often have jeans for well under $30.

Shop: Our picks for jeans under $30 at

Our Picks:

Gap jeans

1. Gap Always Skinny Cropped Jeans, $24.99
2. Gap Cropped skinny jeans (dark wash), $29.99
3. Gap Cropped Skinny Patch Jeans, $24.99

Gap jeans

Gap Petite Always Skinny Destructed Jeans (Light Wash), $19.99

5. Always skinny destructed jeans (medium wash), $24.99