Pucker Up: 4 Great Budget Lipsticks

A great lipstick has the power to take you from pasty drab to fashion fab faster than you can say “L’Oreal Colour Juice.” In the winter months, this instant makeover in your purse is your first defense against chapped winter lips. So to keep your puckers and your wallet in tip-top shape, check out our guide to five of my favorite budget-friendly lip products.

Great Budget Lipsticks and Gloss

Rimmel —Sold at your local Wal-Mart and on Drugstore.com This London-based makeup line is a favorite of beauty editors. With a wide range of colors, hot actress (Zooey Deschanel) and supermodel spokespersons (Kate Moss), and a $5-or-less price tag, Rimmel’s line of lip products will keep you smiling all day. Plus, Budget Fashionista readers can get free samples online at RimmelLondon.com.

My favorite Rimmel product: Kate Moss Lasting Lipsticks

BLACK OPAL —This drugstore brand isn’t just for women of color. Women with olive skin and deep tans will appreciate this line for its high-pigment colors, moisturizing effect and less-than-$6 price tag.

My favorite BLACK OPAL product: Black Opal True Color Lipstick

Carmex — In elementary school, before I was allowed to participate in the joy of makeup, I would pretend that my tub of Carmex was a tube of ruby-red lipstick. Although I’ve graduated to real lipstick, the old standby continues to be a favorite during the winter months. The medicated formula helps heal dry, chapped winter lips and when used with a mauve or pink lipliner, turns into a great winter lip gloss.

My favorite Carmex products: the Original Carmex Tubs ( with old- school yellow tops) and the Mint Click Stick with increased SPF 30 sunscreen protection.

L’Oreal —L’Oreal is high-end French cosmetics meets Middle America prices. The lipstick offerings are way better than their chief competitor, Revlon, and the L’Oreal Colour Juice outperforms Lancome Juicy Tubes both in terms of price and quality.

My favorite L’Oreal product: L’Oreal Colour Juice

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  1. says

    Thanks for the Rimmel sample recommendation. I’m a MAC addict and would love to find more affordable lipsticks but, I’m really picky and the little samples they put in plastic don’t do it for me…

  2. Elizabeth says

    There’s nothing on the Rimmel website that offers free samples. How does this “offer” happen?

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