Fashion Trend: Tie Dye—Again?

What: News Flash—Tie Dye is a Hot Summer Fashion Trend

What We Say: Here’s the trend that just won’t, uh, die—tie dye, that is. This Spring it was heralded as the next big thing (along with it’s kissing cousin, ombre), but we didn’t see it really catch fire. Now that it’s Summer, tie dye is being heralded as—you guessed it—The Next Big Thing. Hmmmm. Are we the only ones who are seeing this as a re-tread of a tired old trend? And why are the fashion powers that be trying to force-feed it to us? While we’re decidedly underwhelmed, we could get on board with a modern version in some limited capacity, like on a bathing suit, scarf, or funky casual top. But the tie dye maxi dress? Back to the Sixties with ya!

One Modern-Looking Tie Dye Piece We’d Consider: Tie Dye Halter Top, $18.99, Charlotte Russe

Pictured: Tie Dye Dress from Alice + Olivia, on sale $231, Neiman Marcus

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  1. RetroMary says

    I love tie dye!  That is because I am a hippy and have what TBF would call romantic style in her book.  Sooo, bring on the tie dyed maxis!

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