Are you a Fashion Distraction? How to Declutter Your Style

How to Declutter Your Style

Credit: Shadders We’ve all been there. One too many “ooohhh, this looks amazing” exclamations and before you know it, you have more skirts than Charlie Sheen’s had women and warrants. It takes hours to throw together a simple outfit and you still can’t find your favorite shoes. Yikes. Looks like it’s time to declutter your […]

How to Wear a Mini Skirt

Lily White Zigzag Miniskirt

One of the lyrics in Dave Matthews’ song “Crash into Me” is “hike up your skirt a little more.” Wow, what a perfect beat-the-heat suggestion for this warmer weather, Dave! (Okay, so that part of the song may have other meanings, but we won’t go there). Our interpretation? Why, it’s time to wear a miniskirt! […]

Finding the Right Bangs for Your Face Shape

Finding the Right Bangs for Your Face Shape

Credit: Andrew H. Walker/ This post is from our new sister site Mighty Beauty. Bangs can give you a totally new look. They can make your eyes stand out, add proportion to your face, and give you a mini-makeover in a matter of minutes. However, all bangs are not created equal. Wearing the perfect bang […]

Revlon’s Scented Nail Polish Has Jennifer Smelling Her Fingertips All Day

Revlon's Scented Nail Polish

Smell my finger. No, seriously, smell it (get your mind out of the gutter!). I know that sounds, well, downright weird. And it is…or so I thought, right up until Kathryn asked me to review the Revlon scented nail polish line. From that point on, fingertip smelling was THE thing to do. I smelled my […]

These Bloggers REALLY Know how to Translating Tribal

Translating Tribal

Credit: Pink Champagne With so much going on in a single pattern, tribal can prove tricky for even the boldest and baddest fashionista; so to keep your creative juices flowing and minds open to mixing summer’s typical top print, we’ve found some Internet fashion famers to point you in the right direction. Whether it’s print-on-print […]

We’ll Take Our Morning Hair with Half-and-Half: How to Make Half-Up/Half-Down Hair Hip

Half Up-Half Down Hair

Credit: Stud Center The half-up/half-down hairstyle has always been my go-to look for many reasons. First, let’s face it– I can’t stand it when my hair gets in my face. I’ve tried, ladies, trust me, but my day just goes better when I’m not fidgeting with my hair. So half- up/half-down it is. It’s a […]

Best Mineral Makeup for Women of Color

Best Mineral Makeup for Women of Color

Mineral makeup has become one of the biggest revolutions in the cosmetics industry; the powdery substance is lightweight and designed to create a flawless complexion without a cakey makeup look. The makeup is also suitable for people with sensitive or acne-prone skin, as it contains natural sunscreen and vitamins that nourish the skin without clogging […]