Here Comes the Bride, All Dressed in… Uggs?!

Wedding Ugg Boots

What: UggAustralia offers a “cozier” alternative to heels: The UGG I Do Wedding Shoe Colection, priced from $80 to $225. What They Say: From UGG Australia Add some sparkle to your day. Say “I Do” with cozy UGG® wedding shoes What We Say: There are certain situations in life that we can neither say ‘yes’ […]

What Your Date Night Clothes Say about You

What Your Date Night Clothes Say about You

Credit: StyleHive Over half of Americans believe in love at first sight.  This means that on your first date you don’t have a lot of room for error.  No pressure or anything. But before you reach for the Xanax, take a deep breath and remember that if people in the ‘80s could fall in love […]

11 Reasons Why We Love Target

11 Reasons Why We Love Target

Credit: Target Target. Just the sight of the word makes us giddy. I mean, we’re talking “ssshhhing” family and friends whenever commercials come on giddy. Perusing their site hourly giddy. We’re in love with Target. Maybe even a bit obsessed. Here are 11 reasons why:

Are You a Shopaholic? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Out

Tips for Shopaholics

Credit: V-Shopaholic on Blogspot Dear Budget Fashionista, I am a shopaholic. I love buying clothes, yet I never have anything to wear. I spent $1,500 on Bluefly purchasing shoes, a beautiful leather Lamarthe bag and other clothes. When I don’t shop I feel irritated, like a junkie who needs her next fix. I shop vintage, […]

Mattifying Sunscreen: No More Shiny Face

No More Shiny Face

Credit: Shutterstock The following is a guest post from our friends at Lucky. There’s no escaping the fact that sunblock needs to be an everyday thing, but up until now I haven’t had the easiest time finding one that doesn’t feel too heavy and greasy. Mattifying sunblock is the new thing and thankfully it’s even […]

7 Ways to Navigate Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day sale

Shutterstock Memorial Day on our shopping calendar is the stuff summer lovin’ is made of: sales tax holidays in some states (if you’re lucky to live in one), massive deals and discounts, and a whole weekend’s worth of excuse to shop around ala-The Fast and The Furious. Now… we personally know how summer euphoria and […]

26 Most Influential Celebrity Trendsetters

26 Most Influential Celebrity Trendsetters

Credit: Peter Roberts/ Celebrities seem to be everywhere we look these days, from television to magazines and even clothing lines and makeup collaborations. While the stars are constantly trying to outdo themselves and catapult their fame to new heights, a select few have crossed over into the world of fashion seamlessly and don’t appear to […]