10 Easy Shopping Resolutions for 2012

The following is a guest post from our friends at Lucky.

Since not shopping will never be a reasonable resolution (nor will shopping less), I can at the very least shop better in 2012. Here are 10 ways I’ll try to maximize both my budget and my purchases’ wearability over the next twelve months:

1. I won’t fall victim to flash sale website gimmicks.
And end up forking over $20 for a bogus shipping charge on a $30 belt. No more Gilt guilt, please.

2. Which reminds me, I will pay attention to shipping policies in general.
By bookmarking this list of 17 sites that ship free year-round.

3. Also for shopping online, I will figure out all my sizes and measurements.
As much fun as it is to buy pants missing three inches of hem or a blazer that pulls at my shoulders, I’ll try to avoid it by taking note of those weird little measurements (inseam, torso, shoulders) that can throw things askew.

4. And I’ll take the extra couple minutes to search for any discount codes and promos before I order.
Since nothing beats the “grr arrghs” of buying something full price and then realizing I could’ve gotten it 30% off just by entering a couple extra letters at checkout.

5. As for brick and mortar stores, I’ll make an effort to plan my outings better.
Whether it’s at fast fashion chains, which are no match for our battleplan of tips and tricks…or local boutiques. It can be fun to wander aimlessly, until you miss out on a ridiculously amazing store nearby because you didn’t know it existed. Never again.

6. Wherever I’m shopping, I will buy more multi-purpose pieces.
No, not those hideous zip-off cargo pant/shorts combos, but sneaky versatile things. Like sweatshirts that actually look normal outside the gym (and not just normal, but sort of awesome. Like over a pencil skirt.)

7. And maybe I’ll pay a little more attention to my body type.
Rather than just jumping at whatever catches my eye. (Although in light of my penchant for boyfriend jeans, I’m still not taking my own advice on the best jeans for your body type. In time.)

8. But I’ll still be sorta risky in other ways.
Because I probably won’t be willing to try that scuba skirt thing when I’m 50.

9. Budget-wise, I will shop off-season sales.
Even though it lacks that instant gratification of wearing something for four straight days after buying it, shopping off-season (coats in July, bikinis in January) is way, way cheaper.

10. And lastly, the resolution that’s freshest on my mind: I won’t do my holiday shopping this late again. Ever. Really.
And maybe I’ll start with our 30 days of gift guides on day 8 or so. Instead of, you know, 28.

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  1. says

    These are so good! I always make totally unrealistic resolutions and follow NONE of them. But right now, my resolution is to return a bunch of stuff I bought online that would have totally been avoided if I had followed these resolutions. Thanks!

  2. says

    Classic pieces, invest. Fashion trends buy cheap. Once a season splurge on your must have item that you’ll always go to for your dress to impress days.

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