The “It” Scarves

What: The scarf has emerged as the unlikely diva of the spring and summer season as variations of this once-ignored wardrobe item continue to proliferate the fashion world. What NYTimes says: For so long, fashion was about the “it” bag and the “it” shoe. But as Katherine Danneberg, the divisional merchandise manager for shoes and […]

Sunglass Hut: Ten Great Sunglasses

Sunglasses are we want call “affordable luxury”, meaning you can get the label you love, for a price that is (somewhat) reasonable. Now, we’re not saying you should give up the $5 “Prado” sunglases you bought on the street, but having one pair of great, designer sunglasses adds a little luxury to your wardrobe. Plus, […]

Vintage Denim Shorts on Sale at Nordstrom

The Deal: Vintage Denims on Sale at Nordstrom The Lowdown: Vintage denim shorts are this summer’s favorite must-have. Uncover those legs and show them off by wearing shorts and pair them off with a cute print top. Stylish wedges or embellished sandals will complete your summer look. Check out our picks from Shop: Vintage […]

It’s All About…Flatforms

The following is a guest post from our friends at Lucky. When we first saw flatforms come down the spring runways, we were intrigued. With a playful nod to the 1970s, they are part platform, part flat sandal. We’ve seen versions in rope, cork and wood–they are the wedge’s latest incarnation. Best of all, they […]

How to Find an Awesome Summer Dress

It happens every year around this time: whilst sitting at your gray cubicle, you start daydreaming of summer vacation, walking along the beach or strolling strolling across a cruise ship in the most beautiful summer dress (it’s okay to admit it; we have the same daydream). Now there’s a ton of dress options out there […]

Espadrilles on Sale at

The Deal: Shop Zappos for Espadrilles on Sale! The Lowdown: Espadrilles are back this season! This classic rope-soled sandals may look dainty and cute but they’re more durable than your usual footwear. Like stillettos, they give you the added height that you need (but they’re more comfortable) plus they’re perfect for wearing with jeans or […]

Chico’s Celebrates New Accessories

What: TBF attended a preview of Chico’s newest accessories and brings you the scoop. The Lowdown: Chico’s held an event celebrating their new accessories collection. We got to check out the collection and choose our favorite accessories to style over a white shirt. What We Say: Big, bold and chunky – that’s what you’re going […]