How to Shop Big Lots

A closeout store like Big Lots is not the first thing that springs to mind for, er, fashionable shopping. Or the second. Or twelfth. But let’s change our mindset for just a moment, shall we? We like to save money. We like the thrill of finding a hot deal. We pride ourselves of being financially […]

Six Great Online Swap Sites

Recycling is in-not only in terms of the environment, but also in terms of fashion—and these sites are leading the online swapping community. Before trading your goods, you need to know a few things: be careful swapping used make-up, always ask for clear photos to help you assess the quality of the garment you’re swapping, […]

Flexitarians: Kind of Going Green

We’ve talked here before about cutting down on your meat to save the environment. Going whole hog and only eating veg is a better solution, but not always the answer for people who just can’t leave behind the pepperoni. There’s a movement with a catchy name for those people who are working towards being vegetarians […]

TBF’s Top Recession Survival Tips

> Right—nobody likes the “R” word (and apparently “Depressionista” is next in line to be banned by the FCC); however, it’s our duty here at TBF—as your cyber BFFs—to share whatever tips we can to make dealing with whatever we choose to call this challenging economy a little bit easier. A round-up: Tips for Recession […]

The Return of Layaway? You Betcha.

> What: Could it be true? Layaway (when you put items on “hold” for a period of time and make payments toward the purchase of the item) is back. What They Say: New York Daily News: “The old-fashioned purchase plan, which had its heyday in the ‘20s and ‘30s but dwindled in the days of […]

Santa Suits: Recycle This

We will fully admit to searching for organic Santa suits online. And being disappointed… Maybe the green movement hasn’t quite reached the North Pole (although, hello, polar bears!) but it certainly should already. In the meantime we’ll have to buy our St. Nick suit used and hope the former Santa didn’t sweat a lot. But […]