I wasn’t going to write about the Oscars, but there were just so many random mean thoughts that ran through my head, that I couldn’t hold them all in.  Remember when you read this the voices made me post these thoughts.. – J-HUD was a DUD. I really wish they would stop dressing her “like […]

What to Buy Spring 2007- Yea or Nay: Denim Trench Coat, $98.00

My two cents: After trashing the Gap a few weeks ago, I decided to show some of the positive items they will be selling this Spring (yesterday jeans for those of us with a little more curve in the back).  I like this coat, but I’m not sure if I “$98.00” like it. It would […]

Filene’s Basement Bridal Sale- March 2nd

Credit: Diamond Nexus/Flickr Filene’s Basement will be holding its famous bridal event at the Union Square Filene’s Only. Hundreds of wedding gowns will be on sale on Friday, March 2, with an early opening at 8 a.m. Gowns that would normally cost $900-$9,000 will be sold for significantly reduced prices. All sales are final.

Plus Size Designer and Fashion Expert Monif C. Dishes Fashion Advice and Tips on ShopTalk

We’ve had quite a few discussions on TBF about the state of plus size fashion (verdict: it’s pretty sad). So I was excited to sit down and chat with my friend, celebrity plus size designer and stylist, Monif C. Monif has dressed pretty much every plus size celebrity from Jennifer Hudson (who wore one of […]

TBF Beauty Newsletter: Rock the Grandma Look!

Photo credit: We’ve always been big fans of vintage clothing because unlike buying couture, it’s a great way to ensure that your outfits will be unique without having to spend a fortune on them. Every season, at least one quirky designer or two will be inspired by the fashions of a previous era and […]

In Style New Magazine Targeting Late Teens

From Trendcentral In Style is launching Your Look, a quarterly spin-off magazine for 16- to 20-year-olds that will also cover fashion and beauty news. Catering to the current interest in street style, readers will be able to upload their own fashion photos on the magazine’s site and/or MySpace profile for possible inclusion in the magazine.

Yea or Nay: Tracy Reese for The American Legacy Foundation, $35.00 at

Tracy Reese for The America Legacy Foundation, $35.00 at Pro: 100% of the proceeds goes to an admirable charity- The American Legacy Foundation (the TRUTH people) to help promote smoke-free living. And you all know how much I loves me some Tracy Reese….. Con: The shirt is so ugly that it makes me want […]

TBF Beauty Newsletter:  TBF Helps Revive that Tired Look

We know how it is. With today’s busy life schedules (work, gym, family, and if we’re lucky a personal life), many of us have little time to pamper themselves, let alone, give themselves a needed boost of rejuvenation – and no, that third cup of coffee does not count. Since we’re certainly no exception to […]

Cheap Chic: Chadwicks Town and Country Tote

Chadwicks, yes Chadwicks, is upping their fashion game. Their version of the Michael Kors tote shown above and to the left retails for close to $300 bucks less than the designer version. Word is that Chadwicks is trying the shed their image as “the home of polyester” and the catalog/online giant recently snagged some top […]