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Stylish woman shopping in Paris

Top 5 Cities in the World for Fashionistas

Say that Powerball ticket you just bought is the winner…what would you do with your newfound fortune? Among your top five to-dos is a major shopping spree, where money is no object. And —...
Au Printemps Department Store

Paris Shopping Guide: The Best of the Best Fashion Spots

There are hundreds, no, thousands of shops in Paris where you can find lots of jolie things. In fact this post could be divided into many, many parts, but for now, we’ll give you...

Paris on a Budget: Shopping Tips and More

News from a BFF:  Marilyn Machlowitz, Budget Fashionista Friend and Manhattan headhunter, recently returned from her first trip to Paris in 22 years and shared these bargain-savvy tips for this costly capital. Whenever I...
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