Workwear: 5 Revitalizing Spring Office Separates

It’s not just weekend wear that needs an update with the change in season.  Career wear, those daily drivers, also require a little freshening to better suit spring’s warming temps. Tuck away the wool overcoats and trade in your turtlenecks for a few lightweight offerings poised to mix in effortlessly with the old classics. Your go-tos probably consist of a coterie of a sheaths and other dresses, so these suggestions are all about the separates.

Whether you’re working around a strict dress code or you just like to keep it professional and polished around the office, our fresh crop of tailored trends make stylishly dressing for the weather a total breeze.

Workwear Spring Essential #1: The Culotte

Alfani Layered Culotte Jumpsuit, $69.99, Macy’s

Form fitting fabrics aren’t our favorite for sunny days. When the thermometer’s on the rise, let out the seams a little by choosing a more airy trouser option. Culottes in a dressy and flattering crepe fabric play up the comfort and cool factors on days you’re looking to trade in a suit pant.

Workwear Spring Essential #2: The Short Sleeve Poplin

Play The Game Blue Chambray Button Up, $39.00, Lulu’s

We’re not crazy here. Sometimes, the solutions can be as simple as ridding yourself of sleeves. Swapping classic button front shirts for short-sleeved options in the same crisp fit and fabric is such an easy way to alleviate overheating. It still looks totally professional, and even if you do have to wear a blazer on top — no one has to know you’re coolin’ on the inside.

Workwear Spring Essential #3: The Paper Bag Skirt

Paisley Paper Bag Skirt, $55, Oasis

When we think spring dressing in our regular wardrobe, we tend to think “raise the hemlines.” That doesn’t always translate to the office, but sometimes, the runway trends do translate. Take the paper bag skirt. It adds a charming seasonal touch to your repertoire of classic pencil skirts, without even worrying about appropriate length.

Workwear Spring Essential #4: The Linen Blazer

Linen Blazer, $68, ASOS

The biggest secret to dressing comfortably for spring and summer months isn’t always about changing the silhouette — changing the fabric is often the right move. A lightweight linen blazer is always a cool and contemporary alternative to heavier jackets and heat sensitive fabrics.

Workwear Spring Essential #4: The Suit Short

Plaid Round Neck Women’s Short Suit, $24.17, TBDress

Depending on your office environment, a short suit may be a completely viable option for warmer months. In an energetic color, fun print or unique textures, a smart suit short (with or without a coordinated blazer) can be an essential that works for a variety of occasions.


Melissa is creative communication professional with 9+ years of experience writing for the beauty and fashion industries.