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Say Goodbye to Bebe Sport, Hello to PH8

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What: Bebe—the fashion forward retailer known for selling barely-there tops and party dresses—is saying sayonara to its Bebe Sport stores across the United States. Instead, the company is replacing its 62 Bebe Sport outlets with PH8, a new “retail concept” offering “playfully sexy fashion-forward active street wear,” scheduled to open in November 2009.

What They Say:
“In this new economy, there is a heightened consumer consciousness and with it comes an increasing demand for clothes that are less about logos and more about great design, quality and comfort,” said Tara Poseley, recently appointed President of PH8. “Savvier women are looking for clothes they can wear everyday ‘on-the-go’ whether to a yoga class, grabbing a coffee with friends or attending school activities with their children – clothes that are fashionably chic, modern and easy to dress up or down.”

What We Say: Umm… did we miss something? Aside from the reduced emphasis on company logos, it seems like Bebe is planning on selling the same club-inspired yoga gear at PH8 as they always did at Bebe Sport. Nonetheless, it does seem like company executives are on the right track when it comes to catering more to all the fashion forward women out there looking for clothes they can dress up for PTA meetings or down for the gym, so maybe we’ll call this one a draw?


Tuesday 11th of January 2011

I was really looking forward to finally shopping at Bebe Sport, and where the heck did it go! I loved the sexy sportswear now what! Please bring it back! I'm very dissapointed! I haven't even used my gift card that's $200 on count of this dissapointment! Looks like I'm not the only dissapointed one here!


Monday 3rd of January 2011

Well... surprise, surprise! PH8 flopped! Raise you hand that you saw that coming..

I worked at BeBeSport for almost four years. I loved it!, loved my customers, the girls I worked with. When "they" annouced the name change; Hello, if it ain't broke don't fix it.. It's literally broke now isn't it.. lol!

This goes down in the marketing history books of what NOT to do with a successful brand name. Heck, you know you've arrived when they are bootlegging your stuff in downtown LA.

Very sad.

Good idea Manny. out.. Really, then why did they start bring in the PH8 logo. "He"my store urs. Now, we don't have the fabulous line we all loved, and I'm out of job. the last of the


Wednesday 22nd of December 2010

The idiot that got paid to get rid of Bebe Sport instead of better marketing it should be summarily SACKED!! I shopped BBS at the McClean store everytime I was in the Washington DC area. When I walked in one visit just wasn't there anymore. That was the first phase; removing BeBe Sport from most of the shops. I was devastated. I will admit that people in my home town had never heard of BBS before I started wearing it. But they went wild. I can't tell you how many times women asked me wear on earth I got those sexy form fitting clothes that matched so perfectly. And the men?? The admiring looks and stares, told the story of clothes bound to get noticed. Now the regular Bebe wear is not nearly as well made or interesting and PH8? sounds doubly so..Too bad high priced executives don't consult there customers first.


Sunday 17th of October 2010

i can say that PH8 was the biggest mistake bebe made, i work in a actual open ph8 store and we're closing in december...i'm sad because i still have people come in to the store and asking me whats ph8 all about....we have one year with the change and people are just notice the change??? i can say that bebe was not thinking when they change the name...i think they probably knew the failure in changing names and want it to close the stores way ahead....terrible mistake...why changing names,quality,and target customers when bbsp was selling by itselve....shame on you!!!!


Sunday 4th of July 2010

Update: 2 posts above me, I wrote that I was thinking about leaving the store. Turns out our location was making 3 times as less sales as before, so our store is closing its location. Time to look for a new job and work with a better company!!! lol I knew our store would eventually close... our store was a ghost town and I had to hold my vomit in my mouth hearing all of the new ideas that the managers had in mind. SAD. RIP bebe sport.

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