Say Goodbye to Bebe Sport, Hello to PH8

What: Bebe—the fashion forward retailer known for selling barely-there tops and party dresses—is saying sayonara to its Bebe Sport stores across the United States. Instead, the company is replacing its 62 Bebe Sport outlets with PH8, a new “retail concept” offering “playfully sexy fashion-forward active street wear,” scheduled to open in November 2009.

What They Say:
“In this new economy, there is a heightened consumer consciousness and with it comes an increasing demand for clothes that are less about logos and more about great design, quality and comfort,” said Tara Poseley, recently appointed President of PH8. “Savvier women are looking for clothes they can wear everyday ‘on-the-go’ whether to a yoga class, grabbing a coffee with friends or attending school activities with their children – clothes that are fashionably chic, modern and easy to dress up or down.”

What We Say: Umm… did we miss something? Aside from the reduced emphasis on company logos, it seems like Bebe is planning on selling the same club-inspired yoga gear at PH8 as they always did at Bebe Sport. Nonetheless, it does seem like company executives are on the right track when it comes to catering more to all the fashion forward women out there looking for clothes they can dress up for PTA meetings or down for the gym, so maybe we’ll call this one a draw?


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