Say Goodbye to Bebe Sport, Hello to PH8

What: Bebe—the fashion forward retailer known for selling barely-there tops and party dresses—is saying sayonara to its Bebe Sport stores across the United States. Instead, the company is replacing its 62 Bebe Sport outlets with PH8, a new “retail concept” offering “playfully sexy fashion-forward active street wear,” scheduled to open in November 2009.

What They Say:
“In this new economy, there is a heightened consumer consciousness and with it comes an increasing demand for clothes that are less about logos and more about great design, quality and comfort,” said Tara Poseley, recently appointed President of PH8. “Savvier women are looking for clothes they can wear everyday ‘on-the-go’ whether to a yoga class, grabbing a coffee with friends or attending school activities with their children – clothes that are fashionably chic, modern and easy to dress up or down.”

What We Say: Umm… did we miss something? Aside from the reduced emphasis on company logos, it seems like Bebe is planning on selling the same club-inspired yoga gear at PH8 as they always did at Bebe Sport. Nonetheless, it does seem like company executives are on the right track when it comes to catering more to all the fashion forward women out there looking for clothes they can dress up for PTA meetings or down for the gym, so maybe we’ll call this one a draw?

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    Catherine Brock

    As a Southern California transplant now living in the Midwest, Catherine has turned layering into an art form and accepted that UGGs actually do have a place in the stylish lady's wardrobe. She's been featured in Woman's World Magazine,, Refinery29, and has made appearances on ABC7 Chicago, FOX2News St. Louis, KCAL9 Los Angeles, Fox19 Cincinnati, WGN TV Chicago and WCPO TV Cincinnati.

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    I think that this new “PH8” concept is very dissapointing. bebe is a brand, and bebe should be proud of its name and logo. It is known around the world. Who is going to affiliate this boring named “PH8” brand with fashion forward bebe? And I don’t agree that people are “less about logos” as Ms. Poseley says. I see a bunch of Coach, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci bags everywhere, and Seven, True Religion, and Citizens for Humanity jeans on many a behind. Not to mention all the Abercrombie, Pink, and Hollister logo clothes. And ofcourse, bebe and Bebe Sport clothes. What is she referring to??? I see logos everywhere, even in this economy

    Their Bebe Sport workout wear is the best, and if you are like me, rather than buy it full price, you buy it from their 50% or 65% off rack. Then, the prices are the same, and they are a whole lot sexier, than Target athletic wear. I loved that Bebe Sport was the active wear branch of bebe.

    I am so disappointed that I sent an email to bebe asking them to abandon the “PH8” concept and keep Bebe Sport stores. If you feel like I do, please go to and send an email to them, Just go to the “contact us” link. Please let them know what you think.

    Good one, it sure does sound like the name of a facial cleanser, like Phisoderm. When I first heard of this new concept, I started thinking of the “Ph” balance of my hair and skin. What is bebe thinking???

    @divad- the Ph8 does sound like the name of a facial cleanser

    @divad: yes people still wear DESIGNER logos like Louis Vuitton or Gucci, while bebe is not designer label. Noone needs to wear that logo or wears it with pride. However, flashing designer logos is quite low class and only proves to people that you saved up so much to buy that purse or shoes that you need to show off to the world. Very nouveau riche.

    they already have ph8 clothes at bebe sport stores and i love it,it’s very comfortable and sexy..

    I never shopped at the bebe sport before, because they didn’t have what I was looking for.  Last time I was in Las Vegas, there was a sweater in the window that caught my eye so I went in.  I noticed a difference in the clothing.  It was much more everywhere, everyday clothing!  I asked the sales associate about the change, and she explained it to me.  I was very excited, and can’t wait to shop there again!!

    I saw a PH8 jacket I would be interested in getting in the November People Stylewatch magazine (pg.22 the fleece zipper cardigan). However, it gives their online address, which only advertises the brand-you have to buy it in stores. I live 3 hours from the nearest one! I would also like to know about their sizes. Does anyone know if they a ‘junior sized’ line (if so, not good)?

    I really in loved with bebe sport fashion for many years. I was spent a lots of money for bebe sport wear, anyone worked at bebe sport store at metrotown b.c CANADA they know me very well, when ever I came to the store they always smile and say hi to LINDA. But now the store was changed.I was so dissapointed and sad for the whole week. I was tried to buy some new stuffs of ph8 , but cannot compare with bebe sport, just so sad . I missed bebe sport so much. my heart was broken. when ever I shop in the mall I just looked ph8 store and did not want to come in . Oh my god, world turn upside down, what a bad feeling when I have to say goodbye to bebe sport name. I loved bebe sport wear ever and forever.

    Divad… I am in 100% agreement with you.  I have been a long time BeBeSport customer and as a Personal Fitness Trainer, their “LOGO” clothes provided a professional look and was quite eye catching.  Just wearing their sports line clothes WITH THE LOGO attracted attention and numerous compliments.  It was a valuable selling point as I acquired clients to train.  I am very very upset they they 1.) Changed the name to something awful but 2.) The clothes I used to buy, no longer exist.

    I have spent over $10,000 on these LOGO sports clothes and I used to look forward to all the new colors and designs.  I am very sad that they have changed and I feel they have changed in the wrong direction.  I don’t think this new direction will make it.

    And lastly… I don’t know who the hell you think you are “just me” but to imply that wearing “LOGO’S” is “QUITE LOW CLASS” is absolutely absurd and insulting.  If a person has to call someone else “quite low class” I strongly suggest that person – YOU- spend a very very long time looking in a mirror.  You need some help to not be so hateful.

    PH8 stands for Life in balance, life instyle. Its a sense of fashion that is effortlessly sexy. I really like the idea that we can call it how ever we like ( P-H-8 or fate ) The style is so unique, I love the idea of being able to wear it in my own personal style. <3

    I hate the new PH8…. I went to the store today…. very disappointing…. no more bright, sexy, cool, workout clothes (which I always got compliments on)…. replaced with dull, drab, dark clothes witha few pieces of workout items here and there…. Bad idea BBSP! 🙁

    I too am very upset about the change.  I work out over 11 hours a week and only wear Bebe Sport.  I have received so many compliments on my clothing that people I barely knew started shopping there as well.  I really don’t know what I’m going to do for pants when all of the ones I have wear out.  I’ve tried just about every other brand and they just don’t even come close to the fit, comfort and “sweat” test.  I always go shopping (food) after the gym and I don’t want to look like I peed myself.  Very upset with the change.  Bebe Sport was never about the street wear – that was the regular Bebe department.

    I’m extremely disappointed that Bebe Sport was replaced by PH8. The clothes may be more “trendy,” but not everyone likes to follow what’s in style. Way to jump on the bandwagon and sell boring, colorless clothing just like everyone else! I liked Bebe Sport for their unique style. Sorry I don’t want to dress like everyone else. I’m sure you’re going to lose a ton of customers. Congrats!

    I am so upset with this PH8 thing! I went to metrotown yesterday to go to one of my favourite stores to get a cute tracksuit and I find out that the entire store has changed and they’re now selling ugly disguisting clothes. =( I really hope they bring Bebe Sport back! I loved thier unique sparkly tracksuits , I was the only girl in my school to wear Bebe tracksuits and I would always get compliments on them, I really hate the boring ugly clothes they sell now!

    I couldn’t agree with you more! My HIGH hopes to model for Bebe sport is done. I loved there sexy sport image. PH8 I can’t say they didn’t have a few cute sets, however, I think that this could hurt the sales. Women I know loved Bebe Sport. Matter of fact my nail lady & I are talk about it right now. LOL…any how, I’m a loyal member of Bebe Sport. My question is HOW DO I GET THE SURPLUS of clothes that were made prior to the change over! If there’s a link post it on my twitter page! Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

    well i also agree with Lisa, Star, Jenna, Siegel & others………….I went a long distances to this mall which I have been shopping for a long time…………I have spent lots n lots of money getting these clothing…………..Your Bebesports clothing is AWESOME……..UNIQUE……….SPORTY…………..i haven’t seen nothing else like it………….i have gotten so much compliments everywhere n everytime i wore those clothes………….n like the other’s were saying the style n look n most important the fit is so different n comfortable…………..when u were your Bebesport’s clothing every eye is on you no matter where u go…………I travel a lot n i mean all kinds of compliments comes my way………n all kinds of different race looks at me n say’s nice things…………when i was told in the mall that it’s Ph8 i didn’t know what was going on……..n i kept passing the store at first not knowing where it was …………….i thought BeBesport was gone…………but come to find out it was under another name……………I went inside n got not the whole in the store is dule…the look n closers are sad…………’s not up lifting…………not sporty as well……………it no longer carry’s the sport look………….i don’t know what that look is but it’s not good at all ………..n it was only 2 other customer’s n the store n they were asking questions about the change n said the clothes were not what anyone would like especially if they were use to the other clothes line………n that they wouldn’ t come back to the store…………..i had a bad experience where some stole some of my BeBesports clothing ……… i was there to replace the stolen clothes of mine n u no longer have them or the look…………i seriously was very upset n all most cried………..this is very sad n to my opinion u r going to lose a lot of money also the customer service was not good either……..their not as friendly either like they normally was………..n i didn’t see the other employees that were their when u were Bebesport…………….oh well i am going to pray that u all will listen to us shoppers that u will go back to BeBesports because the way things are going u will suffer a great lost in the new name n clothing………..n the way the economy is n will be for a great period of time u shouldn’t have wanted to make that change/jump for the name n clothes line………..the clothes are all the same n dule…………so please list 2 us………I am a Promoter n i do a lot of traveling n u seriously need to go back to BeBesport really……..because if not u will end up closing u will no make the profit………..b blessed……….Happy Holidays n have a safe New Year…………..



    I have always shopped at BEBE SPORT, and I loved when my hoodies, tanks, and pants said the brand on them. I never looked at the BBSP section though, those were strictly workout. But the bebe sport had the casual jackets and sweats I really liked. I feel like PH8 has some similar clothing to bebe sport but it’s not the same. I was looking at a hoodie from PH8 and it said that logo on the zipper. How awful. No one will know what that is, it just sounds like some cheap brand you can find anywhere. They shouldn’t have changed anything..

    I agree i do not like ph8 at all i liked the active wear and now i will go to bebe and get the active line. I was so upset that they did this. I havent purchased one thing from the store.
    I have spent over $8000 in a little over a year. I want them to bring bebe back..

    I agree with “just me”. While the name change evokes a new age, mystic-like, gag-me image, the clothes on the other hand are a much-needed, fresh and updated look for a line that screamed of loud colors/patterns and tacky in-your-face logos. Their ridiculous and unbridled use of the company’s giant brand name plastered across every article of clothing is exactly the reason why I chose to never buy their clothes in the past. I’m SO thrilled to see the company has taken a cue from more tasteful looks in fashion and sportswear and decided to tone down the use of logos. The new line is understated yet fashionable looking, which is exactly what workout clothes should be…it’s not a fashion show ladies, it’s a treadmill or a workout class. And I’m not trying to be rude (it just seems too obvious not to point out), but I have a hunch that it’s not the new clothes that most commenters are so bent out of shape over, but instead the lack of the giant logo across their super fancy, PRICEY workout gear. I mean, without that glaringly obvious “BEBE” across your bust, how will anyone ever know you spent $68 on your sports tank at BEBE instead of $22 at Target?? Don’t you see? How will they know that you’re totally fabulous and that they’re supposed to be pea green with envy and wishing they could afford to buy such brazenly logoed workout attire? It doesn’t matter how much you spend on clothes. It doesn’t matter who makes them. It matters that they’re good quality, that they coincide with your sense of style, and that they make you feel good about yourself. Get over trying to impress people with logos and labels…it’s just TACKY. And please save yourselves the time and energy with replies about me not having money or I’m just jealous because I can’t afford BEBE, and on and on and so forth. I’m quite well-off, and as an example about what I’m talking about, I’ll use my son. I recently purchased him a Sunday outfit from a little-known children’s clothing catalog called “Chasing Fireflies”. They are extremely pricey but very high quality and I know that the outfit will hold up well for as long as he fits in it, plus still look brand new for any more sons I may have. However, the shoes I purchased to go along w/the outfit are from Walmart. That’s right…WALMART!! Kids go through shoes like chewing gum and they get worn out very quickly, so why spend the money? And you know the best part? They look well-made (even if they aren’t) and blend in perfectly with the uber expensive outfit. No one will ever guess the cost a mere $9.99 because the enitre look, shoes included, is tasteful and appropriate. So there you go.

    And “just me” is also correct in her statement about designer labels and showing them off. People with real money very seldom to NEVER wear clothing, shoes, or handbags that have an obvious label or name of the maker in sight. Don’t get me wrong, certain items have unmistakeable marks that are a dead giveaway as to their creator, such as the Chanel quilt bag, or the Yves Saint Laurent “Y” bag, or the Christian Louboutin red bottom sole, but an unspoken yet accepted rule of thumb among the tastefully wealthy is that there is no need to show off the labels of one’s wardrobe.

    I feel that is exactly what this new line is doing. They are tasteful, fashion-conscious clothes that emit the image of a girl/woman who dresses stylishly but not over the top. Well done. The new name could use a little help though…

    i am sooooo with lisa b the ph8 sucks bebe was the bomb! bring it back!! ya lisa she needs to go to old navy!!

    I can’t believe whata dissappointment that BEBE SPORT is selling out. It’s going from MADE IN THE USA to made in China. Why???? Why change what’s not broken? Why change what people love! BEBE Sport is half of my wardrobe….What am I going to wear now????

    I am a fitness instructor at the U of Illinois and have been wearing the Bebe Sport line for as long as I can remember — pants, tops, hat and socks. The Bebe Sport line is very well made and it is a bit pricy, but I like to get what I pay for. Recently, I made my “shopping for fitness gear trip” to Chicago I was so depressed when I drove 3 hours in the snow and freezing rain to go shopping at Water Tower in Chicago to find a PH8 store instead of Bebe Sport. I am pretty open minded, but I have to agree I was so let down. I ended up purchasing…. 1 TOP! I usally walk out of there with at least 2 pairs of new jazz pants and 4 or 5 cute tops and have to have a new hat, because I wear them when I work out and they wear out fast.

    I wish PH8 good luck in the future, however, I won’t be going back to PH8 because its just not as “exciting” and “fun” and “different” than Bebe Sport.


    PLEASEEEEEEEE BRINGGGGG BEBE SPORT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bebe sport was the only place I can find quality work out clothes, if people want to buy cheap clothes there are plenty of cheap stores available!!!!! I want BEBE SPORT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! I have have been shopping there for years!!!!!!! THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PH8 is lame, cheap and ugly! I hope pH8 fails so bebe sport comes back!

    I’ve been following the commentary on various sites about how the bebeSport activewear is gone — not the same fit, not the same quality, etc. Seriously, the only difference in the ACTIVE line is the name change. Same fit. Same fabric. Once the ‘bebe’ was removed, former customers have claimed it became less sexy and was instantly ‘Mom’ clothing. Yes, bebe was wrong to disassociate itself from the brand — especially without an advertising campaign to back it up. But if you go inside the store, pull a double striped belted pant or a foldover off the shelf and put it on, they are still the same. I’ve always wondered why women pay the price to wear Lululemon because branding does go a long, long way. Those women like what Lululemon says about them. Their clothing tells me they don’t care their tops twist or their pants bunch. Pooh on PH8 for not educating its faithful customers! I will happily wear my PH8’s because the fabric is fantastic and my clothes still look great at the end of my workout. But, I’m obviously someone who purchased the clothing for purpose and fit, not for the way it branded me as a ‘bebe girl’.

    I agree with everyone who is EXTREMEMLY DISSAPOINTED THAT BEBE SPORT IS NO LONGER!!!! I DO NOT like the new PH8 line and I am searching for another line to wear as I am a Fitness Professional Full time and I wear BEBE SPORT everyday. I will not be wearing PH8- the colors are boring grey and black and I do not like the styles..they do not look practical for workout at all. PLEASE PLEASE bring the BEBE SPORT line BACK!!!!! I am so discouraged about this since my career clothes were purchased at BEBE and I wear them daily. Please make these considerations as I know many customers will be very pleased. PH8 is not exercise clothing.

    I love all my BBSP (Bebe Sport) workout gear… I still get so many compliments when I wear them. Whenever I neede some inspiration to go workout, I would buy a new workout outfit from BBSP… Too Bad, I will definitely miss that store. Don’t think PH8 really appeals to me, so now I’m back to buying workout gear either from Nike and Victoria Secret (my replacement for BBSP)….=(

    Seriously, I’m really sad about this news.

    WHY? WHY? I loved bebe sport, bring it back pleeeeeaaaaase : )

    Just me and sytle moma your idiots! You can tell you dont go to the gym on a regular basis like us..You obviously dont wear the line and or cant fit into the line (more likely)…logo or not its the best work out gear made . I’d pay double the price to have their quality work out line and I dress trendy but dont have to have logos. I will support stylish ,durable ,dry fit clothing line made in the USA with their logo put anywhere. Do your research that crap now is made in China and isnt anythinglike the line bebesport produced. how could you want to support China anyway they will own us one day due to all these lousy busniess mistakes!!! It isnt rubbing it into anyones face that I have more money or I am more sucessful so Im going to wear bebesport. I wear for comfort as I am in the gym three hours a day and it does make a difference in my routine. I have several under amour and nike dry fit outfits but they arent near the quality nor hold up as long as bebe line has. I have over 100 outfits over the last few years and they still fit and still look like they are new becausethey are of such great quality. I could make out selling this on ebay and wouldnt part with this collection for any amount of money so this blows the theory we are flashy and phoney and want to make others feel bad about themselves because they arent wearing it. The shirts fort the most part are the only part that had the logo really big not the jackets or pants so if you saw me walk in or out of the gym or at the supermarket you wouldnt see what brand it was unless you were less than a foot away staring at areas you probably shouldnt be if the first place. Stop hating , get off your butt and get into the gym and you will feel better about yourself. Style moma ,you splurge your weekly saving on you kids name brand outfit and skimp on shoes when our feet are the most important part of our bodies and need to be treated that way. Kids out grow everything, my suggestion is get good quality inexpensive no name clothes and splurge on the shoes and it will benfit your child in health later down the road. There are name brands everywhere , advertising companies will advertise everywhere they can so get use to it its only going to get worse and their probably wont be anything with a logo in years to come ……get use to it ! Ph8 sucks and wont be around long ,mark my word!

    The new name PH8 plainly SUCKS! I’m a guy and I used to shop at BEBE SPORT with my wife every weekend. Most of BEBE’s stuff was Made in USA, most of PH8’s are Made in China! Go figure! They swithed to make more profits on cheap Chinese labor not for your, the consumer’s benefit. We liked the small BEBE logos on their stuff too! Not the 8″ letter, free advertisement of course! My wife is slowly switching to other sports brands and so do a lot of ladies at the gym too! Just watch the trend! And buy American made stuff! Remember! The job you save, might be yours! GG

    Be be clothes are so great. When I visited the states i bought heaps and when i returned home i also ordered on line. I am so disappointed that i can no longer order this gear. I love everything about it but what will I do now. It all looked so great on . Please bring bebe sport back and have all the styles available on line to order.

    I loved bebe fav store!! Please bring it back!! Not pleased with this new store at all!! I need to buy all new work out clothes and no where to get them now. 🙁

    I miss BBSP so much! I spent almost $18, 000 the first year I bought from them. Now I’m switching to other brands like Blue Fish and other Brazilian bodyware. PH8 sucks! Drab colors, lousy fit, nothing exciting. Their clothes put me to sleep….

    I work at a PH8 store and I have to say I personally HATE the change. Bebe Sport (pronounced “Bee-Bee” people, not “Bay-Bay”… sorry had to get that out of my system because I hear customers saying it that way all the time lol) let go of it’s most important asset; it’s NAME. BIG, BIG, BIG MISTAKE. I can assure you all that I know for a fact that we are not profitting as much anymore. I am debating on whether i should leave the company now or go down with the ship.

    WHAT! I shopped at BEBE Sport or PH8 which took me by surprise this past weekend while shopping for my wife. Not only was I shocked at the name change. but when i went to the website I was totally taken back by the poor information provided. I didn’t even see any gymwear on their website, no sweats or tanks just this dumb looking chick with her legs crossed. how silly is that. Sorry PH8. but you just lost a customer. very dumb move.

    OMG! GIrls! (And the bf’s/fiances/husbands of those girls =)) GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been a clubbebe member for many years now so I happen to get a newsletter from them every so often that tells me whats in store for the near future (like the Kardashian line coming out, or sneak peaks at the summer or fall catalog) and GUESS WHAT!!! I got the news letter this morning, and I KID YOU NOT, underneath a sneak peak of the new dresses for this season it said……. “Coming soon! BEBE SPORT RETURNS ONLINE to”

    I’m SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just hope… LIKE REALLY REALLY HOPE, its going to be the same quality products we have all come to expect and like from bebe sport before this whole stupid ph8 crap happened (seriously, was someone in the company high when ph8 was put into effect?) . I really hope its going to be the same quality, but NEW merchandise… not a rehash of things from previous seasons, OR ph8 merchandise but now they are just branded bebe sport….. Oh, I would be so sad =(((((((

    Update: 2 posts above me, I wrote that I was thinking about leaving the store. Turns out our location was making 3 times as less sales as before, so our store is closing its location. Time to look for a new job and work with a better company!!! lol
    I knew our store would eventually close… our store was a ghost town and I had to hold my vomit in my mouth hearing all of the new ideas that the managers had in mind. SAD. RIP bebe sport.

    i can say that PH8 was the biggest mistake bebe made, i work in a actual open ph8 store and we’re closing in december…i’m sad because i still have people come in to the store and asking me whats ph8 all about….we have one year with the change and people are just notice the change??? i can say that bebe was not thinking when they change the name…i think they probably knew the failure in changing names and want it to close the stores way ahead….terrible mistake…why changing names,quality,and target customers when bbsp was selling by itselve….shame on you!!!!

    The idiot that got paid to get rid of Bebe Sport instead of better marketing it should be summarily SACKED!! I shopped BBS at the McClean store everytime I was in the Washington DC area. When I walked in one visit …it just wasn’t there anymore. That was the first phase; removing BeBe Sport from most of the shops. I was devastated. I will admit that people in my home town had never heard of BBS before I started wearing it. But they went wild. I can’t tell you how many times women asked me wear on earth I got those sexy form fitting clothes that matched so perfectly. And the men?? The admiring looks and stares, told the story of clothes bound to get noticed. Now the regular Bebe wear is not nearly as well made or interesting and PH8? sounds doubly so..Too bad high priced executives don’t consult there customers first.

    Well… surprise, surprise! PH8 flopped! Raise you hand that you saw that coming..

    I worked at BeBeSport for almost four years. I loved it!, loved my customers, the girls I worked with. When “they” annouced the name change; Hello, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.. It’s literally broke now isn’t it.. lol!

    This goes down in the marketing history books of what NOT to do with a successful brand name. Heck, you know you’ve arrived when they are bootlegging your stuff in downtown LA.

    Very sad.

    Good idea Manny. out.. Really, then why did they start bring in the PH8 logo. “He”my store urs. Now, we don’t have the fabulous line we all loved, and I’m out of job. the last of the

    I was really looking forward to finally shopping at Bebe Sport, and where the heck did it go! I loved the sexy sportswear now what! Please bring it back! I’m very dissapointed! I haven’t even used my gift card that’s $200 on count of this dissapointment! Looks like I’m not the only dissapointed one here!

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