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Best Women’s Underwear Brands for Wherever Life Takes You

I’d love to say that underwear has one job: look good under your clothes. But we all know that’s not true. You may also need your underwear to do things like smooth bulges, feel nice, look pretty, keep you dry, and so much more. 

So rather than share the prettiest, softest, or sexiest underwear brands, I’d like to share a more practical list of undie brands organized by theme. And the themes I’m covering are: daily wear, comfort on a budget, for lovers of lace, trending now, sports, incontinence, and period panties. 

Note that my definition of “best” comes from several sources, the first being my own experience. Where I don’t have the experience to decide, I leaned on user reviews, Google searches, and best-sellers data.

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1. Calvin Klein for daily wear 

Daily wear is an all-purpose descriptor to categorize the panties that do most things well. They’re comfy enough to wear for many occasions, they look nice, fit well, and are not terribly expensive. They’ll add some glam to your jeans and t-shirt outfits and also wear nicely underneath a cocktail dress. And if the jeans or cocktail dress come off, you’ll still feel good about your choice in panties. 

In my mind, Calvin Klein undies check those boxes. For that reason, CK is my best underwear choice for daily wear. The consistent fit is what I appreciate most. No matter what style, my size always fits nicely without any pinching, pulling, or gathering. 

  • What’s to love: Consistent fit, reasonable price points (especially if you shop sales), and beautiful, but simple styling. 
  • Styles to shop: The Invisibles Hipsters seamless underwear styles are nice to have on hand, since they look great under anything. Tangas are another good pick, because they’re comfortable and sexy. With a narrower backside, these are a slightly cheeky style that’s still wearable. 
  • Pricing: $10 to $25 per panty

Shop Calvin Klein here.

Runners up: Chantelle Softstretch panties and On Gossamer’s Mesh collection are also popular in this category. 

2. Hanes for comfort on a budget 

Hanes underwear is enormously popular among women, and for good reason. Hanes makes unfussy versions of all the essential styles, from thongs to briefs. And a good many of those styles are priced below $10 a panty. Invest in a 10-pack on sale and you could score your undies for $4 a piece. 

  • What’s to love: Affordable pricing, focus on soft cotton pieces, and breadth of styles available 
  • Styles to shop: Hanes Originals Bikinis made of stretch cotton are a nice choice for casual days. Hanes Ultimate Bikini, which have moisture-wicking capabilities, are also highly rated by shoppers. Both styles come in a range of color and pattern options beyond the standard white, beige, and black. 
  • Pricing: Most styles are less than $10 per panty. Hanes leakproof panties are the exception. These are normally priced in the mid-$20s per pair. 

Shop Hanes here.

3. For lovers of lace: Natori

If you demand dainty, feminine styles, Natori may be your go-to. The brand has a wearable intimates range with pieces that are delicately outfitted with lace. Mind you, this isn’t the stuff of Frederick’s lingerie — you can still wear Natori panties daily without fear of being strangled by some design feature that’s intended to be sexy. But the detail factor is definitely a step-up from Calvin Klein. 

Another plus is the price point. Unlike La Perla panties, which will set you back three digits, you can buy Natori underwear for $25 to $40 a piece. 

  • What’s to love: Feminine, but wearable styling
  • Styles to shop: The Feathers Refresh Girl Brief is pretty without lacking in coverage. And, the Pretty Smooth Shortlette offers a sleek silhouette from hip to upper thigh. 
  • Pricing: Thongs are priced from $14 and the shortlette is $50. Most styles are in the $25-35 range. 

Shop Natori here.

4. Trending now: Iphis 

Iphis is a genderless brand of underwear that launched in 2023. Hunky social media influencer Noah Beck is the brains behind the operation. 

The collection includes thongs, briefs, and boxer briefs. Each style is available in seamless, modal, and cotton construction. The line relies heavily on solid colors, though several styles feature a prominent Iphis logo in the waistband. 

Since Iphis undies are made for both genders, the brand uses waist measurements for sizes, ranging from 23/24 up to 37/38. And yes, each style is modeled by both men and women on the product pages. If you were wondering how the fit works, since male and female bodies have different shapes, the photos provide some insight. The fit on a female body doesn’t look to be as smooth as it is on a male’s.

The genderless approach is intriguing, so it’ll be interesting to see if Iphis gains traction. The competition — conventional women’s and men’s underwear — obviously adheres to traditional gender roles. 

  • What’s to love: Genderless, inclusive concept and straightforward line-up. 
  • Styles to shop: The boxer briefs are interesting as a less restrictive replacement for shorts-style Spanx. Heritage Modal Briefs look wearable and comfortable. 
  • Pricing: $20 per piece

Shop Iphis here.

5. Reebok for working out 

Woman doing yoga at park to represent working out.
Source: Envato.
Reebok Women’s Underwear Seamless Hipster Briefs (5 Pack), Size Medium, BlackNudeHot PinkPink RoseGrey
  • Breathable, seamless hipster briefs…
  • Low rise design with logo waistband…
  • Soft, smooth nylon spandex blend…
  • Includes 5 pairs of tagless…
  • Machine washable women’s panties…

This is another personal pick — Reebok seamless hipsters for sports and working out. I opted for my own favorite here because I seem to be at odds with what other people want in undergarments for sport. In my research, I came across many recommendations for thongs in this category. And yeah, I get that you don’t want visible panty lines, but I can’t think of anything more uncomfortable than wearing a thong for a long run or intense yoga session. 

In the hopes that I’m not the outlier in this conversation, I’m going with what I think is important in a sporty panty: comfort, good fit, and moisture-wicking capabilities. By those standards, Reebok’s seamless hipster wins. 

  • What’s to love: Breathable, moisture-wicking construction in a seamless, tag-free design 
  • Styles to shop: Seamless hipster briefs are my pick for sports, but there’s also a seamless bikini brief for those who prefer less coverage. 
  • Pricing: $30 for a five-pack 

6. Everdries underwear for incontinence 

Leakproof panties needn’t feel or look like diapers. Everdries underwear doesn’t and that’s probably why this brand is so popular among women with incontinence. The Everdries panty looks like a hipster brief, except that it’s made with multiple layers to lock in moisture away from your skin and your clothes. Choose a normal or high-waisted style in black or white. Or invest in a multipack that features more colors, including pink. 

  • What’s to love: A non-bulky, leakproof style at a good price point 
  • Styles to shop: There are only two — a high-waist and regular option. 
  • Pricing: $25 for one pair or $125 for a five-pack (Cyber Monday brought the normal five-pack price down to $60, so watch for sales) 

Shop Everdries here.

7. Thinx for your period 

You can wear period underwear alone or with pads, tampons, or cups. Their purpose is to keep your skin dry and your clothes stain-free. Like incontinence panties, period underwear uses several layers to lock the moisture inside. 

Thinx is a popular choice in this category with its machine-washable, reusable line-up. Made with cotton, nylon, and elastane, Thinx panties control odor and can hold the equivalent of five tampons. The styles, ranging from hiphuggers and boyshorts to bikinis and thongs, are rated by their absorbency power — so you can choose the right option according to your flow. 

  • What’s to love: Lots of empowering information on the Thinx website and styles suitable for many lifestyles 
  • Styles to shop: Modal cotton lace briefs don’t look like period underwear, nor do the modal cotton bikinis. 
  • Pricing: $25 to $40 per pair of underwear — watch for sales to bring the price lower 

Shop Thinx here.

Undies for your lifestyle 

It’s not easy to define the best women’s underwear brands. There’s a good reason for this: More underwear makers today are designing with a purpose in mind. That purpose might be comfort, sex appeal, or keeping your clothes free of stains during your period. Because we have these options, what’s best is relative. 

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Hopefully I’ve armed you with a compelling list of women’s underwear options suitable for wherever life takes you. Be sure to let me know if your favorites aren’t here. Make a good case and I’ll add them! 

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