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The Birth of the Jegging (Jeans +Legging)

We can argue over whether jean leggings are truly leggings or just REALLY skinny jeans, but….however, you define them they’re a hot trend for spring. We like the jegging for both its retro ’80s fabulousness and its potential to make our legs look a mile long. The good news is that the latest jean leggings come in a wide variety of washes so you can either go super trendy (light or acid wash, high waist) or super chic (mid to low rise, classic dark wash). Here are the jeggings we like for spring, all under $50.

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The Jegging: 5 Pairs

Jean Leggings

1. The five-pocket Fabulous Legging, $39, Newport News

Flattering dark wash, check. Fabric that looks like denim but with the forgiving “give” of leggings, check. Longer, leaner looking legs, check.

2. Skinny Jean Leggings, Bare Necessities, $25 on sale

These jean leggings are super slim and a medium wash, for those who want to ride the fence. We see these with a cream or white feminine blouse (for contrast) and some bold-colored season-straddling ankle boots.

Jean Leggings

3. Vila Stonewash Denim Jean Leggings, on sale $30.77, Asos

For a full-on 80s vibe, these throwback stonewash leggings are club-ready — throw on a silky feminine top and some strappy heels to keep the look modern instead of a failed attempt to recapture senior year. Remember: a lighter wash tends to magnify the lumps and bumps, so if you’re worried about spotlighting trouble spots (we’re right there with you) these might not be the leggings for you. If you must indulge but you’re not model, need-to-eat-a-sandwich, super stick thin, pair them with a tunic top to balance the silhouette and camouflage anything you’d rather keep under wraps.

4. Crop Zelda Jean Legging, $49.50, Express

A cropped dark wash jegging is the more casual way to wear the trend — pair with a short-sleeve button down and colorful flats to keep the look flirty and very 2010.

Jean Leggings

5. Seam Back Faux Jean Legging, $49.50, Express

This pair if probably the as classic as the jean legging can get — denim, dark, super super slim. These jean leggings are grown-up sexy and possibly (well, almost) timeless with pumps — add a couple of layered tanks, and you’re good to go.

Miss Displaced

Tuesday 10th of August 2010

Here's the difference.

Skinny Jeans: Stretch denim cut very long and straight but still has pockets and zipper/fly with waist button.

Leggings: Stretch knit material that is pull-on with elastic waist.


Saturday 10th of April 2010

Loooooove this look but I sincerely doubt I'll be wearing leggings once the mercury passes the 85 degree mark. Great selections, though.

Commercial Lawyers Gold Coast

Friday 9th of April 2010

How can you say this is new idea?? I got this last autumn though it was Lee like 200dollars...


Thursday 8th of April 2010

These are brilliant! I love the way they look on your legs.


Thursday 8th of April 2010

Are they fat friendly though?

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