Sunglasses for Summer 2014 by Style

Picking sunglasses for summer is my favorite hot-weather activity. No matter if the sun is out and scalding or it’s June gloom, or whether I am bikini-ready and tan or a tad out of shape, shopping for sunglasses is just like shopping for shoes: always satisfying, always fun, and since there are as many brands and styles of eyewear as there are fish in the sea, there is always the perfect pair for any and every kind of summer style.

My friends often ask me, “how do I pick the right pair of sunglasses for my face?” or, most recently, “what’s the trend for sunglasses this summer?”

The answer is obviously two-fold. First, you must know how to pick the right pair of sunglasses for your face shape. Once you know what compliments your visage and what simply just does not do it justice, then you should shop the current trends.

Summer Sunglasses 2014

Cheat Sheet: How to pick sunglasses by your face shape.

1. Heart-shape: Highlight your cheekbones and go for bigger frames like “cat-eyes” or those that don’t get engulfed by your lovely angles.

2. Oval: Easiest shape to shop for, simply any style will do.

3. Round: Go for angular frames (think a square or rectangle frame) so they compliment the soft contours of your cheeks and chin.

4. Square: Try rounder frames (like oval or round) to highlight your most striking features.

 Summer 2014 Sunglasses: Trend Report.

This summer, we’re loving a wide spread of styles. From flat-topped frames to multi-toned arms, here’s how to get what’s in without overspending.

Flat-Topped Sunglasses. These are great for oval, round, and heart-shaped faces. Instead of the usual round lenses, the flat-tops run straight across your brow for a angular and totally cool look.

F7915 Sleek Square Sunglasses

Love these that are aviator-esque for $5.80 from Forever21.

Combo-Toned. This look is great for all faces – just find your favorite style and choose the color that has two or more on the arms.

Sleek Square Sunglasses

These black and gold combo frames for $5.80 look awesome and add a bit of summer fun to every expression.

Vintage Modern. This looks great on heart-shaped faces and oval faces. You know you’re trying on a pair of vintage-inspired sunnies when there is a unique structure on the brow.

Epic Eyewear 'Gilwood' Soho Retro Sunglasses has a great selection of retro sunglasses for under $20 – I love this pair for $14.99.

Polarized/Mirrored. You should always opt in for UV-protection when buying sunglasses, and luckily this summer mirrored lenses are in. Really, these look great on any face, just make sure you aren’t wearing them inside. Many aviator frames are polarized, and I love how has  a huge array of different colors, sizes, and styles of aviators.

Steve Madden S5477

These Steve Madden rose-toned aviators are $40 even and worth every dollar.