10 Summer DOs and DON’Ts 2014

Oh, what to wear. And—oh, what *not* to wear!

With fashion, it’s always a thin line between love and hate. As luck would have it, dos and don’ts of style are aplenty this summer, so if you have any questions—hopefully, you’ll find the answer here. As always, whatever you decide to assemble, make sure to wear that ensemble with confidence!

Summer 2014 Dos and Don’ts

Do – Wear a Crop Top. Ah, yes, the summer crop top. Also here is “don’t fret” – this summer, the crop top recommendation comes with an additional “do,” which is this: make sure it hits below your belly button. Yep! Or, your pants rise above your belly button.

Do – Wet Hair. Finally, you can put away your blow dryer. Plus, it’s WAY too hot out for that anyway. Simply wash, towel try, and run Redken Water Wax ($15) through your hair with your fingers. Fresh from the shower, all day long? Done.

Do – All White. Yes, all white. I know, it might seem blunt, but really – it’s the perfect match/non-match of the entire season. Simply don a white skirt and top, or shorts and a top, or my fav – a dress and white sneaks – and you are good to go to the beach, brunch, the museum, and more.

Do- Apply Tinted Sunscreen. And make it SPF 30 or above! These days, the brilliant scientists/make up manufacturers have created tinted and moisturizing “foundation” that gives all the sun protection you need without the thick cream (re: you won’t look like a lifeguard at the beach). Different tints from Aveeno, under $20.

Do – Try Overalls. But make sure they are fitted and shorts, not pants. Super cute, right? A nice break from the usual rotation. Try these for $27.80 at Forever21.

Don’t – Bermuda Shorts. Ugh. These never looked great on anyone, let’s be real! Sure, they might sound like a fun option to bring to the beach or on vacation, but ladies, come on. You can be just as comfortable and much, much more stylish in just about any other kind of short. Wanting a longer short? Try capris! Anything!

Don’t – Socks and Sandals. Your attire has never been more confused. If it’s cold enough to need socks with sandals, then wear shoes. You don’t need to wear shoes that are hearty – there are makes that offer “beach shoes” that keep your toes covered without making them feel constrained. Sanuk shoes are perfect for this (about $38).

Don’t – Look Busy. And by busy, I mean “trying too hard” busy. You know the look – especially this season, when patterns, bright colors, and cut-outs run abundant. If you’re wearing stripes, try not to wear much more. Birds of paradise print? Wear it in one variation. Keep it simple!

Don’t – leggings/tights as pants. This is a “don’t -ever” kind of don’t. Unless you are six years old, if you wear leggings or tights make sure you have on a dress or a top that covers you up. You know what I’m talking about – and no, just because it’s hot out doesn’t mean “less is more.”

Don’t – get sunburned. GAH! Aside from being in uber-pain for much too long, the days are over when too-tan = cool. Wear sunscreen everywhere, especially your neck and hands where aged skin is the hardest to hide.