10 Great Streetwear Blogs

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Stuck in your closet and wondering how to mash up your clothes for a fresh change? Wondering what people are wearing out on the street? Need a new spin on the latest fashions? Or maybe you’re like me and you just have a natural curiosity about what people are wearing? It’s probably the Frenchie in me, but I could spend all day at an outdoor café people-watching and drinking espresso until it’s time for wine. But seeing as I can’t exactly get away with doing that every day, I can indulge my need for people/style-watching with these 10 street-style blogs to see what people are wearing all over the globe.

Great Blogs for Streetwear Inspiration


Hypebeast Street Wear Blog

Hypebeast covers all the coolest clothes, accessories and even luggage that today’s trendsetters go gaga for.

Grafitee is a French site, but n’inquiétez pas if you don’t speak French– just Google translate! The best part about this site (besides its French coolness) is that soon you’ll be able to shop directly from it!

Refinery 29 has you covered from head to toe–in other words, not just street-style threads but makeup, hair and beauty trends, too.

Chicago Looks only covers the Windy City, but they say the Midwest is the country’s heartbeat–so see what those Chi-town kids rock out on the town for your inspiration.

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  • What about the new kids on the block in the Streetwear arena its some really dope cats out there being slept on check out this sight.

  • Kiran

    This will probably be on the 2015 iteration of this list… be an early adopter: http://www.InvrsCulture.com It’s a mix of Hypebeast/Highsnob and your favorite hip-hop blog.

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