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Plus Size Fashion: Five Great Plus Size Designers

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There’s this myth that there are no plus size fashion designers — this is far from the truth. Over the last decade plus size fashion has made great strides and here are five great plus size designers to keep a look out for:

1. Anna Scholz launched her self-titled label for plus size clothing from her flat in London in 1996. Her creations dress the curves of women size 12 to 28 from a limited seasonal collection that usual involves bright patterns and fine details from the latest trends. The Anna Scholz label can be found at select boutiques and department stores (Neiman Marcus/ Saks Fifth Avenue) as well as at her official website which ships worldwide.

2. Jacqueline Floro’s INES collection for curvy women size 10 to 26 is relatively new but this designer is not new to clothing design having developed a strong reputation with the Bilingual Clothing line. INES offers figure flattering, pattern intensive, designs with bold beautiful colors. Pieces from Jacqueline’s collection can be purchased through Shop Translated.

3. Melissa Masse started off custom designing clothing for others before she struck out on her own and developed her self-titled line in 2002 that extends to plus size 3x. Melissa’s of ready to wear collection offer simple fashions for every day life. Her designs can be found at fine department stores (primarily Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales) and her official website where they will also do custom sizing.

4. Niehla Ollie is the owner and head designer of Chocolate Sushi Couture. A strictly plus size designer with an updated retro flare that is romantic, functional, and fashionable. Her fashions are currently available through sample sales she announces on Facebook. You can see some of her designs in her facebook photo album and if you become a “friend” you can learn about quarterly “soirees” where her designs are available.

5. Jasmine Elder is the designer behind Jibrion which offers “high fashion chic and urban street sleek” designs for sizes 14 to 24. Since 2006 she has been sharing her eye for the truly curvy woman. Her designs can be purchased at select boutiques and online at Etsy.


Wednesday 28th of November 2012

only one link in this article offers true fashionable clothing: JIBRI

The Curvy Fashionista

Saturday 6th of March 2010

Get It! That is probably the best answer I have heard in regards to the models shown! Now we have to start somewhere as most retailers do not even use higher than a 4 when showing that they do have plus, so a 10/12 is a beginning... and Anna Scholz rocks her designs, starting at a 12- as most designers or buyers opt not to carry anything higher than a ten at times in the boutiques.... a 12 can at times be rare.

These five are amongst the edgiest and some of my favs! Dont forget Tru Diva, Trentacosta, Candi'd Apple Couture, CarmaKoma, Svoboda... there are sooooo many more!

Way to go!!! :)


Thursday 4th of March 2010

Here's the crazy thing about fashion- in fashion a size 10 is considered plus size. Ridiculous? Yes. But it is the truth. In fact most of the "plus size" models you see are really size 10-12 , not 16 or larger.

This makes no sense, I've gotten in plenty of arguments with fashiony folks about this- but this is the way they see it. That being said, we should be hard on a designer that makes fashions for those sizes 10-26 (which is the range of sizes that over 75% of women in america wear). Jacqueline should get MAJOR props for designing up to sizes 26 and we should encourage her and other designers to do the same.

I also want to make sure we don't demonize those who wear less than a size 10 either- just like I don't allow those folks to demonize those who wear sizes 10+. We are all women and we all have the right to look fabulous.


Thursday 4th of March 2010

No, 10/12 is not plus size. The designers who offer mainly plus size also makes clothing down to size 10/12. They are not saying that those sizes are plus size but have included those sizes because they have customers in that size who are also interested in their designs.


Thursday 25th of February 2010

Thank you for for letting us know about these designers. I have only heard of one of them previous to reading this. It can be challenging to be a plus size fashionista and I love these designers!

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