How to Shop Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is like the Holy Grail of sexy. Maybe it’s because your BFFs Alessandra Ambrosio and Chanel Iman are there to shop with you, or maybe its because you somehow always look so good in the dressing room mirrors. Whatever it is, a girl could blow a lot of money in the famed retailer, but not necessarily on the right items. To get the most out of your VS experience, read these tips first.

How to Shop Victoria’s Secrets

Get sized
A very sweet sales attendant is waiting near the dressing rooms with measuring tape in hand to make sure you select the right bras for you. A shocking number of women are buying the wrong size, so before you fill your dressing room with ill-fitting bras, ask for help. After she fits you, she’ll even bring you a selection of bras that cater to your specific needs.

Three Words: Semi. Annual. Sale.
Fifty dollars seems may seem like a lot of money for a bra (it is a lot of money for a bra, but sometimes you have for quality – remember the cost per wear). But how does $15 sound? Twice a year, your favorite styles go on sale, and you can pick up the undies, hoodies and other treasures you’ve been coveting for the past six months for a fraction of the cost. Sure, the selection isn’t as great as with regular-priced items, and it can be annoying to search through those little black bins, but it’s worth it considering what you save. Can’t stand the crowded tables? Shop online . The sale on the website lasts longer than in stores and offers a wider selection.

Never Pay Full Price
You don’t have to sign up for a store credit card to score exclusive deals. Victoria’s Secret sends out crazy amounts of emails to loyal shoppers offering discounts on just about everything in the store. Sign up for their emails (and text messages) online or in the store and save big. If you’re patient, you’ll never need to buy anything at VS for full price.

Don’t Rush (unless it’s on sale!)
If it’s the bra you’ve wanted since you first saw it in the catalog and it’s on sale, then by all means, get it before it’s gone. If it’s a sundress you saw online, whether or not it’s on sale, don’t feel the need to pounce. We open up a VS catalog nowadays and can still recognize some of the same shirts, dresses and sweaters we saw when we peeked at mom’s catalog years ago. That’s to say, the clothes aren’t going anywhere. Even swimsuits stay around for years at Victoria’s Secret, so if you’re hard on cash, wait it out. It’ll be there later.

Channel Your Inner Angel
If you’re like us, then you’ve got your favorite VS Angel (we’re often temped to buy something just because Alessandra’s wearing it). Yes, they’re gorgeous beyond reasonable measure, but Victoria’s Secret models are so personable that it feels like they’re at our level. You can get to know them even better by checking out VS All Access. Candice shares what she thinks is sexy while Adriana shows you how to use the brand’s new makeup palette. Plus, you can learn about all the ladies and also about crazy shopping sprees and other prizes. If only for the fun of it, we think it’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

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