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How to Shop The Limited

Their customer is the young, professional woman. She wants fashion that reflects her up-to-the-minute sense of style, that gets her compliments at work, that turns heads. She wants fashion that lets her express herself among the black suits and khaki skits. Fashion that flatters and fits.

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If you’re screaming at your computer, “That’s me,” then you must shop at The Limited. Or, at least, you should probably give it a try. If you haven’t yet tried The Limited, and you’re curious, here’s what you need to know.

How to Shop Limited

The boutique.
With 200 locations nationwide, there’s probably a Limited near you. But if not, no biggie. The website carries the entire selection, including a massive number of sale items and a boutique for weddings and events (gorgeous wedding dresses are priced as low as $200). Other online exclusives include dresses, rompers, pants, shoes and jewelry.

The best store perk.
At this point, you’re probably not lamenting it if there’s no Limited boutique in your area, but there is one awesome truth about having one around: in-store hemming. Drop off your Limited pants at any one of their stores and they’ll hem them for you for $10. And if you have you paid with a Limited credit card, it’s free. The downside is, the offer only stands for pants. Jackets and shirts can’t be hemmed in store… but we hear they’re working on that.

The perfect fit.
Back to the benefits of The Limited’s killer website. Instead of trying on a dozen pair of pants in search of the one that doesn’t make you butt look like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian’s put together, simply type your measurements into their fit guide and they’ll not only tell you your size, but will recommend the perfect pants for your body, which gives you major peace of mind when shopping online.

Finding a jacket.
For a beginner, one of the most difficult garments to shop for is the work jacket. How long should it be? Do the shoulders fit? Why is there a button there if it connects to nothing? Both in stores and on the web, The Limited offers plenty of help for finding the right jacket for your body. They’ll even explain to you what in the world a sleeve head is. So breathe easy, when it comes to finding a jacket, you’re not alone.

Ratings and Reviews.
The Limited’s website features top looks and must-haves, which are actually pretty handy because they help you see cute ways to pair separates, but you don’t have to take their word for it. Read shopper reviews on nearly every item on sale, and if you’ve got an opinion, write one of your own. See what’s top-rated, most popular and what you may want to pass on.