How To: The Palm Trend

Woman wearing palm tree print

Bored with your blooms? So are the season’s biggest style stars. Take a cue from big names and beloved brands by ditching ditsy florals for some fresh tropical flavor.

Now it’s all about the palm, but if you think this is the same trend you rocked during middle school (no, just me?) you’d be more than a little off base. These patterns aren’t just reserved for harbor cruises and resort getaways — they’re the perfect wait to incorporate a little easy, summer livin’ into the everyday.

A little less Hawaiian than the hibiscus prints you’re probably remembering, the new obsession leans toward the lush and leafy. But scratch looking like walking greenery, there’s plenty of ways to go pretty and palm other than the verdant classics.

Palm Patterns — Not Just for Bloggers

It’s not just bloggers and editors yearning for summer, Hollywood is taking note, too. From Kate Bosworth to Rita Ora, Emmy Rossum to Sofia Vergara, it seems everyone is channeling the season they wish would come a little sooner.

Read on to see how you too can get in on the action, with a print piece (or three!) to suit your own unique style. Now that Memorial Day has come and past, these garments and accessories are just the wardrobe refresher your closet could use.

The Traditional Palm

For the traditionalist, the old-school vision still exists. For her, there’s only one way to do the palm print, and that’s in all it’s retro-fueled glory, complete with a swinging beach bunny silhouette.

The Bohemian Palm

What’s the modern bohemian’s take on the trend? A laid-back romper, naturally. These tiny trees (for California girls–and those at heart!) make all the right statements.

The Palm Skinny Scarf

Gals of the more subtle variety might prefer a pop of palm in the form of a lightweight scarf. Around the neck or on a bag it’s a seasonal nod that hints without overpowering.

The Palm Phone Case

Palm print phone case

Tech mavens who swap phone cases like they would shoes each day of the week will find their calling in this girly and gorgeous little number. Slide it in when you’re feeling extra punchy.


Melissa is creative communications professional with 9+ years of experience writing for the beauty and fashion industries.