Fashion Advice: Nickel Free Jewelry on a Budget

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Dear Budget Fashionista,
I am very sensitive to metallic jewelry (I think it’s a nickel allergy), but I want to wear jewelry. I’m not allergic to gold, but it’s expensive and tends to be boring. Where can I find cute and trendy affordable jewelry?

Nickel Free Jewelry

Answer: Nickel allergies is the #1 contact allergy in the US. There’s several places to find trendy, stylish nickel free jewelry. Target’s Xhilaration line has several pieces, all under $15. Also stores like Claire’s, Icing, H&M, and websites like, have a large selection of stylish jewelry (like the piece shown above).

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  • NancyD

    Hi everyone
    I am a Pacific Northwest artist and I make nickel free fashion earrings.  I suffer from nickel allergy, and gear my earrings to those who also do.  They are very popular in the shops where they are available here in the Puget Sound region, and also in North Carolina and California. 

    If you have nickel allergy, and would like to find some great and fashionable nickel free earrings, I hope you’ll visit my site:

    if you click from page to page, you’ll see many examples of my jewelry pieces.

    Thank you, and happy shopping!

  • sentimentalbrowneyes

    I’m allergic to nickel as well. The only earrings I’ll wear is from Simply Whisper because they are the only ones I can wear for years without any irritation. They are affordable and their regular featherlight so they don’t stretch the earlobe. They also offer rings, bracelets, necklaces, and body jewelry.