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This may sound odd, but Vaseline is one of my favorite beauty products. Yes, it’s thick and goopy, but this petroleum-based product has so many innovative uses.

As legend goes, chemist, Robert Cheesebrough, founded Vaseline in the late 19th century. He observed local Pennsylvania factory workers using rod wax from the pop rods of oil wells to protect and heal cuts and scrapes. Amazed by its therapeutic benefits, he headed back to his lab and started creating batches using the wax’s key ingredient: petroleum jelly. He made so much that he had to store it in his wife’s vases! Adding “line” to “vase,” Vaseline was born—and the rest is history.

I was first introduced to this beauty wonder by my grandma, who used it as a facial moisturizer. You would be hard pressed to find a wrinkle on her face, even at age 82! Throughout the years, I developed my own relationship with Vaseline. I used it as a cheaper alternative to paraffin treatments, slathering copious amounts of the jelly on my hands and feet, and then wrapping them in hot towels for five minutes as a quick moisturizing treatment. But that’s not all there is to this wonder product. Here are 15 clever uses for the jar every woman should have in her beauty arsenal.

15 Fantastic Uses for Vaseline

1. Overnight Foot Treatment

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Vaseline is an amazing antidote to dry, cracked heels. Give your feet the VIP treatment by soaking them in warm water for 15 minutes. Follow by sloughing off dead skin with a pumice stone. Apply a generous amount of Vaseline and slip into a pair of thick socks.

2. Instant Shoe Polisher

Don’t spend a minute panicking if you’re out of shoe polish and headed to a special event. A dab — and truly just a dab — is great for restoring the sheen and cleanliness of your leather shoes.

3. An Eyebrow Tamer

Unruly eyebrows that haven’t seen a pair of tweezers in a while (hey, we’re all busy — it’s completely understandable) could benefit from a touch of Vaseline, too. Use your finger to gently coax brows into shape, taking care to use just a touch of the jelly.

4. Dye Stain Prevention

There are few beauty tasks more challenging than removing stubborn hair dye that seems to settle into the skin after a home coloring job. Smear Vaseline generously over your hairline to prevent this problem — just avoid getting it on your hair.

5. Extend Perfume Potency

What good is spritzing on your favorite perfume if it disappears before you head out the door? If you know this is a problem for you, add a little Vaseline to the areas you normally spray and then apply your perfume. It should help it last a bit longer.

6. Tame Unruly Hair

You never know when those stubborn strands will act up, but you can usually guess who’s going to win when your hair wages war with humidity. Keep a small tube of Vaseline in your purse and apply the smallest amount to tame the frizz.

7. Enhance Your Luminosity

Woman with highlighter

A great glow can come from many places — a lengthy jog, a generous amount of highlighter, or — you guessed it — a touch of Vaseline. To achieve that enviable look, simply add some to your cheekbones.

8. Create Cream Shadows

If you have an abundance of pretty powders and glitters in your makeup collection and aren’t quite sure how to make use of them, consider mixing them with some Vaseline. The consistency will be just right to apply directly to your lids as a long-lasting shadow.

9. Perfect Your Tan

The art of at-home tanning is a bit of an imperfect science, and it takes some time to master. You’ll be one step ahead with Vaseline by your side. Apply it to the dry spots, like elbows and knees, so that color won’t cling too strongly to those areas.

10. Scrub Your Lips

When even the most hydrating lip balms don’t work, your dry lips may seem impossible to heal. To the rescue comes Vaseline! Don’t just smear it on, though — mix it with some brown sugar to create a gentle yet effective scrub to eliminate the dryness.

11. Concoct Some Gloss

If you’re feeling crafty or you happen to have far too many aging tubes of lipstick sitting around, you can finally put them to good use. Mix a bit of Vaseline with the lipstick leftovers in a contact lens case and mix with a brush. Voila: instant lip gloss.

12. Get Gleaming Gams

You don’t have to do anything fancy to achieve that gorgeous gleaming finish you see in magazines. It’s truly as easy as smearing some Vaseline onto your legs. You can also mix it with your favorite liquid body bronzer to add a little tint.

13. Avoid Polish Frustration

There’s nothing worse than grabbing a bottle of nail polish, only to discover that it won’t open. Avoid this unpleasant surprise by smearing Vaseline on the inner surface of the nail polish cap. The next time you turn it, it will open easily.

14. Remove a Ring

Ouch! If you’ve struggled in vain to remove a too-tight ring, you know how frustrating it can be. A little bit of Vaseline may be helpful in reducing the friction between your skin and the metal. Take your time to gently ease the jewelry off your finger.

15. Smile Your Best

You don’t have to participate in a pageant to take advantage of this stage-worthy trick. Apply Vaseline to your front teeth to prevent your lips from sticking when you smile. If you are headed on stage, of course, the jelly will also ensure you keep smiling!

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    Blog Comments

    Amazing! Wow, I totally agree, Vaseline IS the best beauty product in the world!

    Vaseline is a makeup must have. Its so adaptable use it moisturise lips, skin, eyelashes, tame brows. Its the cheapest and most effective lip gloss I know. Fantastic Product!

    I use it to remove my mascara and other eye makeup. I just put a small amount a tissue or towel, and rub it gently over my eyes. It takes it all off – especially waterproof types of makeup.

    Well people I just discovered this website myself but I have to tell you that it is true, true , true, Vaseline is one of the best moisturizer products that there is. I just recently purchased some at store after hearing Tyra Banks say that this was her long time beauty secret, because personally like lots of other women, I have used many different facial products in the past, but after trying Vaseline even after the first day I saw and felt a difference in my face, and let me tell you ladies it was all for the good! My face doesn’t grow dry over the course of the day anymore (which is the number one skin problem by the way) and underneath make up or even wore alone my skin is soft, supple,and youthful.To combat over greasiness I heard someone say just to aply water with it while putting it on but I just do my thang and then take a sheet of tissue and blot where needed! I can smile freely without having to worry about that dry cracking feeling from some pimple cream that I applied earlier working overtime on my face. I say it’s good for the body, the face, and under the eyes. It’s perfect for me and I think it’s perffect for you too! Go Vaseline!

    Believe it or not, this stuff works. My wife swears by it and you might have trouble finding a cheaper way to moisturize.

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    I entirely agree. Vaseline is the best beauty product. All my family members have been using this products to take care of them beauty. Thanks

    Vaseline is more moisterizing and lip gloss is just like vaseline but there r lots of other kinds of lip gloss, such as plumping, etc. What I would do is take some vaseline, and a drop of lipgloss and mix them together, that way it will be like lip gloss, but not exactly lip gloss, so if a teacher says, is that lip gloss, you can b like to it vaseline. And u can also take vaseline and but a TINY bit of food coloring into the vaseline.<a href=“”>beauty products</a>

    Vaseline may good for dry skin when it comes for oily skin it wont works better. i tried personally for my selves but no improvement.
    retin a

    Once in a while.. about once a month for a week I get really bad dry and peeling skin. I’ve been tempted to use Vaseline, but I’m worried it’ll clog my pores [you hear so many different stories, some swear by it and others abhor it] I guess I’ll try a thin layer in the dry spots after my moisturizer to lock the moisture in. Hopefully, it won’t make me break out, I am worried about it clogging my pores though BUT because I can barely talk or smile without worrying about my skin cracking.. I guess its worth the risk.

    i just started using vaseline,is a gd moisturizer

    the only thing i don’t agree with is vaseline for hair. i tried that once and it took me five showers, an entire bottle of clarifying shampoo, and half a jar of peanut butter to get the greasy stuff out of my hair. and even then my hair was still a bit greasy for weeks.

    I will be following this week to a month long vaseline regimen and I will definitely let you all know how it goes. I have issues with my skin that include: flaking, peeling, hormonal acne breakouts, and most recently sun burn & white blotches on my face. I pray that this works, because I don’t trust that a dermatologist will steer me in the right direction. I feel they will only tell me to use products that will keep me in their doctor’s office. BBL! 🙂

    I’ll try it!:)

    I have been using this for a few weeks now, my skin feels wonderful, like velvet. I have spent a fortune on facial creams and this is the best. I apply just after washing while my skin is still damp. Unbelievable.

    I’m a 44 yr old male with four children ages 25-17. I’ve been using Vaseline for as long as I can remember. When I’m out with my children people who don’t know us think we’re brothers. I love going to carnivals and have them guess my age, I always walk away with a prize! You don’t need much, a light layer is all it takes.

    I love vaseline! haha. I have oily skin year round except for in the winter, so I need a moisturizer then. I tried Vaseline (now two years ago) & loved it! No breakouts/pore clogging, just moisturizes for me, & I haven’t had dry skin anytime year round because of it. I do hear it clogs pores for the “acne prone,” but I myself am & will tell you that as long as you follow your skin care regime, & then place a thin layer of vaseline that skin will be moisturized but not acne causing.. for me anyway.

    My dermatologist started me using Vaseline as a moisturizer after I had a chemical peel. It is a great moisturizer ! Makes your face so soft …

    I am 55 years old and have tried many different moisturisers to look younger. I remembered that I had heard years ago that it was a beauty secret of the stars. I’ve been using it for three nights in a row and I can tell a huge difference!!! Try it!

    is vaseline good for wrinkles?

    As a last resort I used vaseline mixed in with my face soap to help with flaky skin which is a nightmare to put makeup onto. It worked! No more flakes and bumpy skin under my makeup.

    It’s a pretty great and simple product to use! I mostly use it on my hands since they always get super dry, especially around my cutical area. I cover both my hands in it and then wrap them in a hot towel. It works great!!! It evens out the natural oils in your skin. I also put it on my face about once every week or so. Make sure you put it under your eyes too to get rid of dark circles!! Just put a thin layer over your face and put a hot towel over it.

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