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How to Tie Necktie Blouses

Recently, a TBF reader asked us to do a post on how to tie the necktie blouses (which can be a pain to tie). So we put together some tips on how to tie the blouses.

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Necktie blouses are a trend that circle back every few years as a feminine alternative to basic button-ups. Usually in silky charmeuse, or sheer and printed chiffon, the high necklines and traditional tie detail leave little room for accessorizing. These blouses can be tied in the same way you tie your scarves.

How to Tie a Necktie Blouse


The fabric of the blouse will definitely play into the shape of the bow, but tie it just like you would a shoe. Play around with the loops of the bow to create large draping and dramatic effect or pull the ends of the bow taut to create smaller, stiff bow loops reminiscent of a bow tie. Try an off-to-the-side bow for an unexpected twist on this classic.


Change things up with a unique knot style, and skip the bow altogether. The square knot provides the perfect wide and flat surface to add a brooch or pin at the neck. Instant accessory; now you can have your cake, and eat it too.


Play up the draping look of the blouse ends by creating a slip knot that can be adjusted to desired lengths. Much like tying a men’s tie, one end is wrapped over and under the other, twice. The shorter end is pulled up toward the neck, behind the back of the knot and pushed through the front of the knot.


Ever feel like the blouse ends are unnecessarily lengthy? A french twist is a quick fix. Wrap the blouse ends around the back of the neck, criss-cross and wrap back around the front. Make sure the blouse end is flat and flush to the neck and tie off to the side for some Parisian glamour.

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Monday 21st of November 2011

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