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Mom Chic: Easy Chic Looks for New Moms

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Becoming a mom doesn’t mean you need to switch from figure-hugging slacks to mom-jeans. It just means you need to alter your wardrobe a bit to better fit your new physique and possibly tighter budget. Fashion for moms can be chic and sophisticated, especially if you have an eye for style and the motivation to stay stylish while caring for a newborn. Need some inspiration to get started? Here’s a look at some easy, yet super chic, looks for new moms.

Tunic + Leggings

Most postpartum women prefer comfort over style directly after birth. It can take time to shed that baby weight, but don’t despair. When you’re carrying those few extra pounds, stick to outfits that offer style and comfort. Leggings and jeggings are excellent options, as most have elastic waistbands and stretchy fabrics. Pair your leggings/jeggings with a long, flowing tunic to conceal any tummy imperfections and stay comfortable in the weeks following birth.


Semi-Fitted Top + Slouchy Pants

Semi-fitted tops offer the comfort of a loose tee, with the firmness needed to prevent looking sloppy. When shopping for new tops, choose tops in your current size. Purchasing tops that are too large adds extra bulk, making you appear larger than you are. U-necks and V-necks are optimal, as they elongate the body for a visually slimmer appearance. Wear your semi-fitted top with a pair of relaxed-fit slouchy pants. Dress up your look with a pair of high-heels or sandals.


Empire-Waist Dress + Jacket

Need to dress up for work, a special occasion, or just for a night out with hubby? Opt for a well-fitting empire-waist dress. Empire-waist dresses are excellent for postpartum women, as they accentuate your bust and flow loosely over your tummy and legs. Finish off your look with a cute structured jacket or vest. For more casual occasions, a modern jean jacket can dress down a sophisticated dress. Choose a dressier jacket for more formal occasions.

Yoga Pants + Hoodie

Yes new moms, it’s okay to wear yoga pants. Whether you’re spending a quiet day at home with your newborn, or you’re shopping, visiting Grandma, etc., nothing says you can’t be warm and comfy. While yoga pants and hoodies shouldn’t be daily wear, don’t hesitate to grab your lounge wear when fatigue calls. Choose a long, loose hoodie or sweatshirt and pair it with slouchy boots, preferably lined with fur to keep your feet warm.


Being a new mom presents numerous challenges, but maintaining your sense of style doesn’t have to be one of them. Start motherhood off with a bang by upgrading your wardrobe with some chic mommy-friendly outfits.