The Best Mascaras on a Budget

Some of us have awesome hair. Some of us have incredible figures. My superpower is my ultra-long eyelashes, so I’ve been obsessed with mascara for quite a long time. That being said, I’ve tried almost every product under the moon. When you choose mascara, it’s helpful to think about what you want your eyelashes to look like. I prefer ultra-thick mascara, while many of my friends just want a little length.

To achieve the best look possible, I recommend putting primer on before you apply your mascara. Primer doesn’t have to be expensive. I haven’t noticed any difference between primer from a drugstore and primer from higher-end makeup companies. Similarly, there is rarely a difference between $10 mascara and $30 mascara. So, I’ve gathered together our top mascara picks on a budget. All of these products have either been featured on our site before, rated highly on, or used by me personally.

Best Mascara on a Budget

1. Maybelline Great Lash Washable Mascara, Very Black
Price: $4.99

Maybelline Great Lash

Why It’s Awesome: Probably the most recognizable mascara, Maybelline Great Lash is an old favorite. It’s inexpensive, so it’s great to keep one in your bag and one in your desk at work. A plus is that it is hypoallergenic for those of us with sensitive eyes.

Where to Get It: $4.99 at

2. JK Jemma Kidd Ultra Plush Mascara (With Bonus I-tech Glitter liner)

JK Jemma Kidd Mascara

Why It’s Awesome: Don’t you love it when Target brings in high-end designers? This is not only great mascara, but for $10 you also get glitter eyeliner. It’s known for lengthening and thickening and has a nice compact case.

Where to Get It: $9.99 at Target

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