How to Make a Leather Bracelet

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The following is a guest post from our friends at I-Spy DIY.

Check out this tutorial from Jenni on how to make your own leather bracelet.

Tutorial: DIY Leather Bracelet

Leather Bracelet SuppliesSupplies: Scissors, snaps and faux leather from M&J Trimming, ring, superglue
DIYing with a couple readers in the window of Henri Bendel. Loved meeting so many fantastic ladies who love to craft.

Leather Bracelet Step 1
Wrap the leather around the ring and super glue the end down.

Leather Bracelet Step 2

Next wrap onto your wrist, inside out, to measure where you should glue the closure. Pinch the fold of the leather to mark the length.

Leather Bracelet Step 3

Glue one side of the snap to the opposite end of the bracelet, and then glue the other approximately in the middle, or where the snaps line up when folded at the crease.

Leather Bracelet Step 4

Let dry. Wrap around your wrist and snap on the inside.

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  • I love these bracelets! They all work perfectly together and give off an edgy yet modern vibe. I can’t believe how easy it is to construct the thick black bracelet. This is so creative and I can’t wait to make my own!

  • That’s pretty cool. I was wondering how you managed to make everything stay around the brass ring.

  • Creative. Will do that. Thanks for sharing.

  • Why not, but just for fun for one day (And maybe used genuine leather).