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Close up of woman with beautiful skin

How to Get Better Skin! 6 Easy Tips for Healthier Skin

Want to wake up to healthy, glowing skin every day? I mean, who doesn’t? Figuring out how to get better skin may not your top priority in life right now, but maybe it falls...
Woman washing her face with water

Skin Problems? 4 Definitive Signs Your Skin Moisture Barrier is Damaged & How to Fix It

Your skin has superpowers -- like moisture barrier that protects against bacteria and pollutants. Is your moisture barrier damaged? Here's how to find out.
Paula's Choice review: bha exfoliant and peptide booster

The Skin Care Line That Wants You To Know The Truth About What Goes On Your Face

What Paula’s Choice is a U.S.-based, cruelty-free, fragrance-free skin care line that came about because founder Paula Begoun didn’t like her options on the shelves. Begoun’s own battles with acne and eczema drove her...
woman wearing beanie and scarf in winter

The Ultimately Easy Winter Skin Care Program

As temperatures plummet, you may notice that your face feels drier and loses some of its normal vibrancy. You aren’t imagining things—cold air, hot showers, and low humidity work in tandem to pull moisture...
Kim Kardashian close up

Updated! Makeup Baking: A Quick How-to

You spend enough hours on YouTube watching beauty vlogs and you start to learn a thing or two. (We’re not obsessed…we swear, it’s all in the name of research.) For starters, there’s a massive highlighting/contouring...
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Hot Beauty Secret: Korean Skin Care

The tale of European beauty products is one almost as old as time, but the price tag on that French face cream? Equally regal. But if we told you you could get a youthful, plump and...
Woman looking in the mirror in the bathroom

How to Moisturize Dry Skin

The key to moisturizing dry skin isn’t expensive spa treatments, but mostly just taking care of your skin on a daily basis. To start, here are three tips on how to moisturize dry skin:...
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