From Snobby Bitch to Sexy Babe—Style Icon: Kelly Taylor

In 1990, she was the pretty, blonde rich b*tch from Beverly Hillswith a serious case of stiff ’90s hair; matte, pouty lips and an icy glare that could readily shatter anyone who might get in her way. But by 2000, the blonde hair was softer, the eyes less evil and her lipstick four shades lighter. Kelly Taylor, the ‘90s would have been nothing without you.


The Style of Kelly Taylor

Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor

Even if you identified more with Kelly’s frenemy Brenda Walsh, sweet and naïve Donna Martin or even bookworm Andrea Zuckerman, you can’t deny that Kelly Taylor (played by actress Jennie Garth) on “Beverly Hills, 90210” commanded an unrivaled fashion presence.



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