Eight Jobs that Come with FREE Designer Clothes!

The following is a guest post from our friends at Lucky.

Now that everyone‘s trying out punk, Vivienne Westwood—official grand dame and unofficial queen of counterculture style—is doing something startlingly mainstream: creating uniforms for Virgin Atlantic. And not safety-pinned, shredded and spiked versions of a uniform, either. The final sketches, just released today, reveal the designs to be quite simple and streamlined. The women’s outfit consists of a basic red (the airline’s signature color) blazer and skirt; the men’s, a tailored suit.

Still, even without any shocking silhouettes or intentional distressing, Westwood managed to slip in a bit of her always-political POV by using recycled materials, including yarn made from recycled plastic bottles. She’s also been working with Closed Loop Recycling to ensure that maximum sustainability is squeezed into each piece. So not only do the clothes look completely classic, but they’ll last for several decades to come.

Surprising as this Odd Couple-y partnership may seem, it’s hardly the first of its kind. Throughout the last several years, many other major designer and labels have also created custom ensembles for all kinds of non-fashion careers—we’ve provided some of our favorites in the slideshow below.

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