Hot Look: How to Wear Tribal Prints

Tribal print is totally hot right now—and like a jungle, everywhere you look there’s a sea of pants, skirts, shirts, tanks, and sweaters. Here’s how to wear tribal prints without being overpowered by overprint.

Tips on How to Wear Tribal Prints

1. Light Pants. Opt for feather-colored and top with white for summer, or a warmer tone (gray, blue) for winter. I like these with boots or booties (winter and fall) or sandals in the winter. Great in jean or legging.

2. Shawl. This is one of my favorite looks – make sure to go simple underneath (re: a one-color t-shirt or tank) and this subtle way to wear tribal print will go fabulous, anywhere.

3. Scarf


Classy, warm, and when kept to an accent – you’re good to go to dinner, lunch, breakfast or brunch!

4. Shirt/Tank


An easy way to add texture and style to your look. Just make sure not to clash it with stripes or any other patterns and you are good to go in winter, spring, summer, and fall!

5. Skirt. Just like pants, make sure to wear something simple on top. My favorite tribal skirts are the short one with some body – tight tribal skirts remind me of college days attending jungle-themed fraternity parties.