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Airport Style: 4 Celeb-Inspired Rules for Airport Outfits

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If you’ve ever sped through the airport at breakneck speed, racing against the clock to reach your gate in time, then you know it can be more than a little challenging to look even remotely stylish in the process. You can’t really negotiate airport crowds in heels, nor would you want to suffer through a lengthy flight with pinched toes. Neither can you really get away with wearing a cute dress when the plane feels like a frozen tundra.

So how can you possibly travel in style? Simple: take your cue from these airport outfits spotted on some of our favorite celebs.

Celebrity Airport Style: 4 Ways

1. Layers matter.

You’ll never want for layers more than when you’re mid-flight and can feel your neighbor’s air vent blowing on you. Even if you are lucky enough to get an airplane blanket, it won’t resolve your midair chills.

Emmy Rossum in an airport wearing a layered outfit.
Emmy Rossum at LAX

To stay as comfortable as possible, pile on the layers in a practical way. This makes it easy to remove whatever you need during the flight, yet still cozy up as needed throughout. Emmy Rossum masters this concept by wearing a button-down chambray shirt over a crew-neck white top. On top of it all is a chic gray blazer that neatly pulls together her otherwise completely casual ensemble.

2. Comfort is king.

Airport travel is one scenario when you shouldn’t forgo comfort in favor of something cute. You’re seated for almost the entire time, anyway. Bear in mind, though, that you can go hyper-casual without being sloppy.

Jessica Alba, the reigning queen of cool airport ensembles, shows that even low-key can look luxe when styled right. Her matching lounge wear is topped with a comfortable cropped jacket. A pair of slip-on sneakers ensures comfort whether you’re padding down the aisle to stretch your legs or power-walking to the gate to make your connection.

3. Keep it effortless.

Ah, Heidi. She raises the bar on airport style for sure — and we love it. She’s chic and pulled together, without being impractical.

Heidi Klum wearing jeans and fringed jacket in the airport
Heidi Klum at LAX

Dupe this outfit when your journey is a short one and you need to head somewhere straight after landing. (And stash a cozy scarf in your tote if you’re worried about getting cold.) Cropped jeans, ankle boots, and a sexy fringed jacket all add up to one thing: instant posh points.

4: Add a touch of mystery.

There’s nothing mysterious about the airport experience. You’ll grapple with long lines, buy an overpriced bottle of water, and wait on the tarmac until it’s your flight’s turn to take off. If you’re lucky, you’ll actually take off instead of returning to the gate to get deplaned and rescheduled.

Kate Mara wearing all black in the airport.
Kate Mara at LAX

We’ve all been there. But you can shake up your adventure a little by channeling your inner movie star. Kate Mara is all decked out in black sunnies, a long black coat, and a genius black studded bag that is far more chic than the usual under-seat stowaway you take on your travels. Also note the supremely casual black Converse sneakers. What better way to travel in style, eh?