DIY Tribal Necklace

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The following is a guest post from our friends at I Spy DIY.

Inspired by Mara Hoffman’s Spring 2012 line, I became obsessed with making a statement tribal necklace knowing it would be the perfect accessory for my upcoming trips to LA and Florida. One thing I love is that you can wear just one or stack a bunch for a bolder look.
Another thing I LOVE is that all the supplies are under $20!
I wore three today with a new shirt I made at a DIY retreat with Honestly WTF this weekend in Palm Spings… more to come on that soon!

Tribal Necklace Closeup

Tribal Necklace  Beads Customize yours with different color combinations or by adding nuts, washers and beads.

DIY Tribal Necklace Supplies Supplies: Rope, embroidery floss, small beads, lobster claw, large lock nuts and chain.
Steps after the break!

DIY Tribal Necklace Step 1

Cut the rope to a little longer then the length you want the necklace (wrap masking tape around the ends to keep from fraying). Tie the first color of string at one end and double knot.

DIY Tribal Necklace Step 2

Next start wrapping the string around the rope leaving the starting end loose.

DIY Tribal Necklace Step 3

To switch colors double knot the two strings together.

DIY Tribal Necklace Step 4

Continue wrapping covering up the excess string ends.

DIY Tribal Necklace Step 5

Keep wrapping, switching colors as you go to create your desired pattern.

DIY Tribal Necklace Step 6

Continue wrapping until you cover the entire piece of rope.

DIY Tribal Necklace Step 7

Cut so only a little masking tape is left on the end.

DIY Tribal Necklace Step 8

Thread the string end through the lock nut, then screw the nut onto the end of the rope.

DIY Tribal Necklace Step 9

Tie the chain onto the end, repeat on opposite side.

DIY Tribal Necklace Step 10

Attach lobster clasp, and your first necklace is done!
Using these basics make two or more strands to wear together.

DIY Tribal Necklace Step 11

Add hardware by stringing washers on the rope, or threading beads onto the embroidery floss while wrapping.

Tribal Necklace BeadsTribal Necklace Closeup

Get creative and have fun making your own combinations!

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  • aarathy

    hi what if ropes are not available? is there an alternative solution ?

  • Justtap1

    this is awesome. I’ve been looking to buy some of these necklaces, but now I can make them myself. Thanks

  • Its a great deal under $20. This is amazing work with threads and give gorgeous looks and totally different made.

  • karla padilla.

    it also seems easy to use because you go step by step .. you make it easy for it to be understand

  • karla padilla.

    i like this site because it talks about fashion i also love how its colorful