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How to Make a Statement Bracelet

Rhinestones and crystals are having a moment this season, so it’s the right time to add some bling to your accessory collection. If you prefer making your own to shopping at Claire’s (and who doesn’t, really), take a look at this DIY statement bracelet tutorial from Jenni from ISpy-DIY.

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DIY Statement Bracelet: Supplies

Supplies for diy statement bracelet project

You need: Gold and silver chain from M&J Trimming, Rhinestone, Black Suede rope, pliers, bracelet closure.

DIY Statement Bracelet: How-to

1. Tie two pieces of chain together.

two chains with a rope

Tie together the two pieces of chain with a double knot. Your two chains should be the same size links so they match up when you are weaving rope.

2. Weave together first links of chains.

Rope weaving two pieces of chain together

Start by weaving together the first link of the chains.

3. Add in rhinestones.

Two chains with rhinestone details

Place the rhinestones in between the two pieces of chain and begin weaving all three.

4. Continue weaving.

Two chains with rhinestone details

Continue weaving down the chains, pulling the rope tightly between each link.

5. Remove extra links.

pliers remove extra links from a chain

Using your pliers, remove any extra links so all three chains line up. Tie a double knot at the end.

6. Add closures.

Do It Yourself 1

Tie the closures on each end. Trim excess rope.

7. Wear it!

Statement bracelet handmade

Fasten around your wrist and to create a great mixed metal look!

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Wednesday 13th of March 2013

I'm so glad I found this. Definitely will be designing some im the future for our displays. Thanks


Sunday 14th of August 2011

oh wow! this is really great! i wanna try this out myself. just gotta think about where i can get those supplies :-/

Delia McManus

Saturday 13th of August 2011

I'm so gonna do this, looks really HOT. Thanks for the tip. Please check out my website and let me know how I can improve it. Your girl-Delia


Friday 12th of August 2011

Love that!

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