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Got Thick Calves? Try These Shoes Tricks

Shoes for thick calves

We all have “problem” areas, a part of our body, whether based in fact or in our heads, that just doesn’t seem to look right. It could be your arms, your neck (Hello Nora Ephron), or your butt. For some it’s their calves, which they choose to cover up with long skirts and/or pants, which is not a good thing in the middle of summer. Here at TBF,. we want you to uncover those legs (as well as be cool, it’s hot!) and since we love shoes (like who doesn’t?), we have some ways for you to use the power of footwear to make your calves appear “slimmer”.

Bandolino Outloud, $59

Simple Strap Shoes

Shoes that cross over the vamp (the front of your foot), without anything else fancy going on, are a fantastic way to complement your legs. While you should avoid anything with ankle straps (they cut off your legs), you don’t need to shy away from single-strap or cross-strap shoes that lie low on the feet. If you’re unsure of what strap thickness to try, look for a strap that is about the thickness of your thumb.

Shoes for thick calves

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Go Nude

A popular trend for spring and summer, nude shoes create the impression of longer and leaner looking legs because you can’t tell where the leg ends and the shoe begins. Aim for a hue within a few shades of skin tone to get slimmer looking legs.

Pointed toe shoes

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Ultra rounded toes can make your legs look heavier than they really are. A lightly pointed heel is a great look, and perfect for women with a heavier calf because it visually slims by elongated your legs. This is especially true when crafted in a rosy nude or light skin tone.

Shoes for thick calves

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Thick Heels

Kitten heels can make legs look extra thick (your calves look big in comparison to the smaller heel). A thicker, slightly sturdier heel with an open back is an excellent look. Try sling backs to give a thick heel a trendier look.

Embellished shoes

Steve Madden Tahra, $99.95 at Zappos


Details like rhinestones, grommets, etc draw the eye towards your feet. This trick is especially helpful when looking for summer sandals.

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