Zippers with a Twist: Stand Out with These Fun Zipper Fashions

Time to step out in style with great hair, awesome skin and zippersWaitZippers?  What’s so unique about them?  They’re two strips of metal teeth that join stuff together. They keep jeans fitting right and prevent the world from seeing our undie color.  They keep pocketbooks closed. What could possibly wow us about an ordinary zipper?  Turns out, plenty.  Like most things in life, when something ordinary takes on a unique twist, the wow factor kicks in.

So skip the oh-so-expected up-the-front zipper (functional or not).  No more turning to them strictly for functionality.   Fashion is about fun and trying new things, so why not go for it?  Consider introducing them in unexpected ways (zipper bracelets or headbands, anyone?).   Ladies, give ordinary a dose of spunk!

Add Zip to Your Style! Try These Funky Zipper Fashion Trends

Check out our cool zipper finds.  They’re funky, fun, affordable and best of all, will add serious zip to our style.

What styles would you try?



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