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How to Wear The Exposed Zipper

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You should have no trouble finding something that fits neatly into your itinerary—even if you happen to spend all day at the office. Case in point: the polished Zip-Front Gramercy Tee from Express.

The zipper draws the eye right in—as it should—but doesn’t compete with anything else on this simple top. It’s perfect for work or play, so long as you toss a blazer on top when you’re at the office.

Never go full crotch

The full crotch zipper recalls visions of circa-1980s hair bands. You know what I’m talking about: sweaty guys with hair reaching for the heavens, in all their shirtless glory, bearing nothing but a pair of skin-tight zippered leather pants. I can’t think of a single situation outside a costume party where the full-crotch zipper is appropriate.

Try the zipper in a different way—slipping into a pair of pants with zipper edging, for example, or as an accent around the waist. Simple and understated is the way to go, as these Premise Studio Slim Leg Woven Pants show. The zippered pockets are stylish, and won’t put your life at risk every time you head to the ladies room.

Stay classy

An exposed zipper looks very chic on a piece that otherwise leans towards elegance.

This Dress the Population Ivy Dress is sleek and sexy—and ideal when you want to rock a brilliant exposed zipper in a more purposeful way. It serves a functional role, but also adds a little flair to the design.