How to Use a Color Wheel to Find Your Personal Colors

Color is the cheapest way to camouflage figure issues. It’s significantly cheaper than plastic surgery and carries few health risks. Everyone can wear some version of every color. For example, everyone can wear red, but maybe not the same type of red. A more muted (think dull), bright (think clear gloss), or intense red (think as much red as one can dumped into a color) would look better on you.

Personal Color Wheel

A quick way to uncover what colors look great on your is to hold a piece of gold fabric and a piece of silver fabric to your skin in a setting with lots of natural lighting.  If the gold looks better, then most likely you have warm undertones and fall into the spring and fall color seasons.  If the silver looks better than most, than most likely you have cool undertones, and fall into the winter or summer seasons.

If you’re like me, both look good on you, you may be able to go either way.  The only true way to find your colors is to have a color analysis, which can be quite pricey but saves you a ton in the long run.

Your best bet is to find a fashion/interior design school that may be looking for local volunteers to receive color analysis from students. These mini-analysis are usually free and give you a quick glimpse into what colors look good on you.

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