Clair Flair: The Fashions of TV Mom & Style Icon Clair Huxtable

Clair Huxtable, the no-nonsense Cosby Show mom with a voice of reason as strong as her 80s fashion sense, always caught my attention.  In a half hour, Clair (Phylicia Rashad) tended to the antics of her children, bonded with her husband, worked as a successful lawyer AND wore some spiffy outfits in the process.  Now put on your blast-from-the past hats, ladies.  Here’s a look at Clair Huxtable’s style, along with some affordable modern day inspirations.

Deconstructing the Clair Huxtable Fashion Statement

Monochrome Mania

Although Clair Huxtable wore wild color combos on occasion, she was a fan of head-to-toe monochromatic colors.  Jumpsuits or matching pants and blouses were her go-to looks.  Billowy fabrics in bold, shimmery hues were offset by a belt, big jewelry and of course, her perfect hair.

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Pleats ‘n Plaid

Nothing screams “80s” like high-waisted front pleated pants paired with a blouse sprouting shoulder pads.  Clair Huxtable was clearly on the fashion bandwagon in that regard.  Even today, I admit to liking the classic black pants and plaid combo (minus the upturned collar and ultra cinched pant waist).  I can never go wrong adding plaid to black pants or jeans for a fun twist.

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