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Updated! Six Great Swimsuits for Older Women

Of the many things forced upon women as we get older, is this belief that once you reach a certain again, you must start wearing swimsuits that look like waterproof muumuus or the full-coverage, knee-length swimdress. I find this to be absurd. No one’s stopping the legions of old dudes wearing speedos that accentuate their beer bellies.

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You might not have the same body you had 20 years ago. And neither do the dudes in the speedos. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop being fabulous when you hit the beach.

The goal isn’t to look younger, either! You’ve earned every wrinkle and every lump. And you can show those badges off in whatever way you see fit. But if confidence is holding you back from being your sexiest self, then it’s time to boost it with a few stylistic conventions.

Here are six great, sexy, swimsuits for older women that’ll have you counting the days until summer.

Six Great Swimsuits for Older Women

1. Bold Prints

If you have any sort of “situation” going on in your middle section,  then prints are your friends. You see, your brain is always trying to make sense of the world and recognize and make sense of patterns. It’s for this reason that bold prints are great because your “lumps and bumps” are camouflaged by your brain’s need to make patterns.

2. Bright Colors

If you’re pasty, please, please stay away from black. If you’re pasty and you have cellulite, definitely avoid black. Why? For pale skin, the color black is the color that most contrasts with your skin. And if your skin has imperfections, then all that contrast will highlight those issues.

3. Ruching

It’s time for you to discover the power of ruching: strategically placed folds of fabric, usually found in the waist/tummy area of a piece of clothing, that help to conceal any trouble spots. Side ruching is especially great if you have love handles. Front ruching is fabulous for camouflaging the lower belly.

4. The New Floral Swimsuit

For all that is good in the world, please throw out that spandex “floral” swimsuit you’ve had for the past 20 years. Yes, the one with the hot pink/bright blue/lime green printed flowers on a black background.

The new floral swimsuit, is, well, floral. The updated patterns are on a variety of backgrounds, with prints that are modern. Combine the print with a supportive neckline (translate: no tiny straps) and you have a knock out suit for the beach.

5. The Bikini

Yes, you can wear a bikini after 40. Let that sink in for a moment.

Now, that we’ve convinced you that you can still wear your bikini, here’s a few tips. Opt for a bikini in a halter style and/or with underwire. This’ll provide a bit more support and the extra “push” you need to keep your girls in place. And if you need more control in the tummy area, avoid a tiny cheeky suit and instead opt for a bikini with a higher waist bottom.

6. The Halter Beach Bombshell

The halter swimsuit isn’t anything new — it’s been around since Ester Williams first hit the pool. But this style has made a resurgence in recent years as a sexy alternative to the traditional one-piece swimsuit and it’s a great swimsuit choice for older women.

The straps, which usually tie behind your neck, give your bustline the extra “push” it needs to stay perky, while also creating the illusion of extra curves.

This post was updated in January, 2019.


Thursday 21st of April 2016

I am 60. I have tried tankini's. Boy short styles, etc. I recently purchased a one piece. I tried it on in the store and thought it might work, but after again trying it on at home realized that it did not fit my short torso as well as it should, It created all kinds of wrinkles making me look larger than I am.. I did not want to return it because I fell in love with the colorful design, so I preceded to take it apart under the bust and make it shorter. I stood in front of the mirror ready to pin the two sections back prior to sewing, and then realized, hey, this would look so much better as a two piece than the one piece. My daughter kept telling me that I looked better in a two piece but I didn't believe her, cause look how old I am. The mirror showed me different. Anyway, I got on here researching different styles to turn the bottom piece into and was disgusted at all of the 1 pieces shown. Why is it that just because you are over 40, 50 or 60 you automatically have to cover up? Not every style swimsuit "suits" everybody on age alone. You have to look at body length, shape, color, etc.

Jill K

Friday 18th of March 2016

Go easy on Catherine! She is a blogger providing a great service. She needs to use "stock" photography for her images. Photo shoots cost anywhere from $5k to 50k or more! (I am in the industry so I know). Keep up the great blog!

Jill - age 45


Sunday 20th of March 2016

I agree, Jill. The young models were off-putting at first, but I believe Catherine is doing the best she can. Bloggers have to work with what's available.


Wednesday 17th of February 2016

Why. A 1000 women asked you to use more mature women in swimsuits. What part of that statement do you not understand. OMG


Friday 26th of February 2016

you are soooooo right.......who are they trying to kid ? if yyou are are trying to appeal to we more mature women lplease stop with the young models dont you have any coomon sense when tryibg to appeal to a captive clientale?


Wednesday 17th of February 2016

I appreciate and understand the feedback. This problem is an industry one -- it's nearly impossible to find product images with mature models. I could use some photos of Helen Mirren in a swimsuit, for example, but the suit she's wearing in it wouldn't be available for you to purchase at a budget price or at a local store. I'm of the mind that it's better to cover the topic than not, even if the images aren't what they should be. But I understand if you don't agree.


Friday 15th of January 2016

One more insult to older women and models who one day will understand we are WOMEN not sexual objects.


Sunday 6th of December 2015

You'll never be convincing until you use real people of appropriate ages. The article even mentions Helen Mirren as a model, but shows a young woman instead. Come on!

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