20 New Fashion Blogs to Look Out For

Kaylah Wanny

There’s a new crop of fashionistas in town, and these media mavens are taking the web by storm. Honing the craft of style journaling since just 2011, it’s clear these gals with growing followings have the “It” factor that’s characteristic of even our favorite veteran bloggers. Look out for these leading ladies to quickly become the next generation of must-reads.

Look Out for these Fashion Blogs!

along abbey road blog
Along Abbey Road Blog
Art in our blood blog
Art in our blood
awkward girls blog
Awkward Girls blog
Britt and whit fashion bloggers
Britt and Whit
Casual Glamorous fashion bloggers
Casual Glamorous
Devon Racnel fashion bloggers
Devon Rachel
Gal meets glam fashion blog
Gal Meets Glam
Honey silk fashion bloggers
Honey Silk
Kayla Wanny fashion blogger
Kaylah Wanny
Kitties and courture fashion blogger
Kitties and Couture
I a in the bay fashion blog
I A In the Bay
Locks and trinkets fashion blog
Locks and Trinkets
Lusst for life fashion blogger
Lustt for Life
Nana Stars fashion blog
Nana Stars
One of each fashion blog
One of Each
Shala's rabbit hole fashion blog
Shala’s Rabbit Hole
The Key to Chic fashion blog
The Key to Chic
The Wear to Go Girls fashion blog
The Wear to Go Girls
35 inch in seam fashion blog
Thirty Five Inch Inseam
What Courtney Wore fashion blog
What Courtney Wore

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    lol it seems most of these bloggers are from los angeles…a bit of geographical bias, wouldn’t you say?

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