Shopping Guide to Atlanta

Atlanta skyline
Atlanta skyline
The Atlanta skyline at night.

Atlanta is the Southern version of New York City, mixing cultural diversity with southern-city charm. As the capital of the South, the city also leads the pack when it comes to style. With great shops in its Buckhead section and top outlet malls throughout the metro area, you’re guaranteed to find plenty of reasons to shop. But get the most out of your A-town shopping trip with our Atlanta Shopping Guide!

Atlanta Shopping Tips

1. Head to Buckhead.

This part of town offers the ultimate shopping for fashionistas. Sip tea outdoors at one of the area’s many restaurants and admire southern style.

2. Head to Luxe Sale Events.

This Atlanta boutique (at 5,600 sq feet it’s more like a mini department store), holds frequent sample sales and sale eventson bags from Tods, Jimmy Choo and vintage pieces from the likes of Pucci for up to 60-80% retail price. For more information call: (404) 869-2493 Address: 764 Miami Cir NE.

3. Scope out the outlets.

There are several great outlet malls near Atlanta. One of our favorite is the Discover Mills outlets where you can find the outlets of Neiman Marcus, Levi, Saks Fifth Avenue and more. Also check out the North Georgia Premium Outlets.

4. Know that all roads lead to Peachtree.

This is very weird, but there are several roads, streets, etc., named Peachtree! Purchase a map and save yourself a headache.

5. Visit No Mas.

If unique furniture is your game, head to No Mas Productions for high-quality, fashionable goods.

6. Drop in to the Mall of Georgia.

The biggest mall in the southeast has everything you have at home, except
it’s bigger. Worth a trip if you like malls.

7. Dress cool.

Wear cool, lightweight clothing during the summer months because it gets super hot (hence the nickname “Hot-Lanta”).

8. Bring cash and credit/debit cards.

While many places in Atlanta do accept personal checks, it’s always good to be prepared.

9. Be on your best behavior.

Folks are polite in Atlanta. So even if you are a curmudgeon, try something new during your stay. Try smiling and saying hello to a few strangers during your stay.

10. Visit the Virginia Highlands.

Readers of Budget Fashionista highly recommend this area for its unique shops, dining, and nightlife. It’s one of the oldest parts of the city.

Atlanta’s Top Shop

Okay, I had so many shoppers from ATL email me about our original choice that I had to remove it. So I would like your opinion about the best shop in Atlanta. This shop must have a website, regular shopping hours, and be budget friendly (and located in the Atlanta metro area). The store with most votes/submission will be Atlanta’s new Top Shop. Submit the stores below.

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As a Southern California transplant now living in the Midwest, Catherine has turned layering into an art form and accepted that UGGs actually do have a place in the stylish lady's wardrobe. She's been featured in Woman's World Magazine,, Refinery29, and has made appearances on ABC7 Chicago, FOX2News St. Louis, KCAL9 Los Angeles, Fox19 Cincinnati, WGN TV Chicago and WCPO TV Cincinnati.

Blog Comments

On your city guide to Atlanta, you have a link to Buckhead. Well, the main shopping area in Buckhead is the West Village. They have a website at that has most shops on it as well as special promotions and events. I thought your subscribers might be interested…

The Budget Fashionista

Thanks for the the comment. Your comment is the reason why I did the Budget Shopping survey. As I’ve said many times before- your budget is not the same as everyone’s budget. Phipps plaza is expensive- but sometimes has good sales.  Since I take it you’re from ATL, why not post some of your favorite budget shopping places. I’m always on the look out and WILL visit them myself when I’m in ATL.

Why not recommend my shop to your readers? My name is Laura Riley Chief Fashion Officer (CFO), I am 16 years old and have been in business for 3 years.  I just moved to a bigger location in College Park, Georgia.  My store is called MY GIRL, and I sell cute Hello Kitty purses, accessories and jewelry (some on the high end), vintage clothing, shoes, cosmetics, empowerment Tee Shirts (shirts with positive messages like “Don’t Underestimate Me”, “Natural Born Leader”, and “Not Afraid to Speak My Mind”), Sterling Silver and Crystal Jewelry that I’ve designed myself, cool sunglasses, sparkling watches and other goodies.  My customers are tweens, teens, collegiate girls, 20s, 30, 40s, 50,s and grandmothers.  I have something for everyone, provide gift wrapping, conduct trunk shows on college campuses and I am in the process of developing a website. My web address is (it’s under construction)

Soooo when you are in HotLanta, come on by.  I am located at 5139 Old National Highway in College Park, Georgia next door to the BellSouth Bill Payment Center. 

P.S.  I’ve been told that I am the youngest Brick and Mortar retailer in the country!

First…let me just say that I don’t live in Atlanta but I absolutely adore the stores there.  I went up there about a month ago and had the most fabulous time ever at Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza.  Even though I’m just a teen and can’t afford everything I see there, I just love going up with my parents and browsing through Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, and all the designer boutiques since I am totally obsessed with fashion (designer labels are my thing).  And my parents even bought me a gorgeous pair of Gucci sunglasses at the Gucci boutique inside of Phipps Plaza.  But I just want to say that everyone who can’t afford all the expensive stuff shouldn’t bash what other people say.  It’s fun to window shop and I love going to those upscale malls.  And they do have good sales.  I almost bought a Marc by Marc Jacobs top that was on sale for $60.  And you can always save up and splurge on something if you absolutely have to have it.  But anyways, I love Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza!!!!  They’re both beyond fabulous!!!

Phipps may be my favorite mall here, but I have to say there is not one store worth mentioning in Underground. Since they closed Dante’s, it’s gone straight downhill and it’s tourist hub is moving to the Cantennial Olympic Park area, where the Georgia Aquarium just opened and the Coca-Cola Museum is moving. Basically it sells peach keychains and has a couple clubs up top.

Why not go for a mention of Virgina Highlands or Little Five Points instead? Highlands has some great boutiques and if you get the opportunity, you can haggle some of the prices down.

Plus, the Mall of Georgia is in Buford, I believe, which would be hard to call even a suburb of Atlanta.

But thanks for the mention and tips, it’s good to know Atlanta’s starting to get on the fashion map. We’ve got an Ikea now, just need the H&M. Enjoy your next visit, and do vist Virginia Highlands and Little Five. You’ll love it.

I live in Atlanta, and by far my favorite bargain store is Loehmans! But you can always shop Loehmans online, as well.

Sadly you omitted the Virginia Highlands, a GREAT shopping area. And yeah, no one in Atlanta goes to Underground, um are there even stores there?

Furthermore, there are so many great little restaurants and bars in Buckhead and Virginia Highlands that I would never recommend the Cheesecake Factory – blech! Their food isn’t even good and it is a chain!

Little Five Points also has a lot of great little stores, and there is a good vintage store in Candler Park, on McLendon Ave, called “Frock of Ages”

Honestly, if you think Phipps Plaza is the best place in Atlanta to shop you need to come back through :P.

The Budget Fashionista

Thanks Kim for the post.. I encourage, welcome, want other budget fashionistas to post their favorite local stores in our guides (mostly for selfish reasons… I actually stop by your recommendations when I’m in town).

phipps plaza is not a very good mall. trust me, im from atlanta. lenox is a much better bet.

I have to agree with some of the comments above – Virginia Highlands has GREAT shopping!  Mitzi & Ramano, Dakota J, Festivity, Bill Hallman and so many more…not to mention the perfect place to grab a bite to keep up your retail stamina while people watching.  It’s such a charming area and there’s no better time to visit than the Spring!

the two best stores in atlanta?  blue genes and fabrik.  blue genes specializes in designer denim for any and every body type. it’s co- owned by sisters, hence the wordplay. budget fashionistas should especially love fabrik seeing as how almost everything there is less than $150.  it’s got a manhattan feel without the prices. i think it is really important that when you feature a city, you support the locally owned shops as opposed to a mall, because most mall stores are corporately owned and headquartered somewhere else. even the two malls featured, lenox and phipps are owned by a property group (simon, i think), a bunch of number crunching businessmen. no, to get the true feel of the city, you’ve got to visit the locals. when in rome…

The Budget Fashionista

I agree about the local shops, which is why I asked for the opinions of folks who live in ATL year around. I’ve heard alot about fabrik, but haven’t had a chance to visit the store yet. If any readers have a scoop on the store, I would love to hear more about it.

Bluegenes is a fabu store, is pricey, but always has a good sale., great place for a splurge. There’s also Luna, which is a cute shop on Peachtree for the latest and greatest tops and jeans. For bargains, go to the Brass Plum at Nordstroms at Phipps. Juniors sections, always has cute trendy items. Also, Barneys Coop is new at Phipps.

The North Georgia Premium Outlets aren’t exactly in Atlanta- they’re up Highway 400, but they have everything and cheap!

escada at the outlet in dawsonville..closing april 15 th or so. my favorite store..amazing prices, helpful you have to get to orlando! next would be saks at either the additional 70% off first. i got a 2000 dress for a bit over 100.thats a buy!

Nestled in the extravagant community of Little Five Points, BluPrint stands alone offering high style for the mass market.� Whether you need casual wear or an outfit for a night out on the town, BluPrint is where you’ll find it.� BluPrint offers unique apparel and accessories for every occasion.� Men, don�t worry,� now you can go shopping with your lady because BluPrint offers women’s and men�s clothing and footwear.� Usher, Amerie, and Diddy are just a few of the celebrities that have been spotted shopping in the store.� Lines like Masons, BCBG Girls, and Ed Hardy have all visited the store hoping for a spot on the elusive walls of this exquisite Atlanta shopping destination. BluPrint currently carries, Live Mechanics, Ben Sherman, Sweetees, 525 Denim, Blue Cult, Levis, and a host of other popular brands. As tradeshow season begins, owner Derrick Foreman, will be visiting Project NY and Vegas, Trafik Tradeshow in Miami, Bread and Butter in Barcelona, Pure Womenswear in London, Magic, and Coterie. Hoping to pick up new brands, Foreman will also be looking to partner up with brands to do store exclusives, trunk shows, gifts with purchases, etc.. With just about every style you can imagine at great prices, it�s no wonder why everyone is shopping here.

1146 Euclid Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 223-6000
PR: [email protected]

I just discovered this new store in little 5 points called the Blu Print, the store is hot hot hot and the prices are great, and the owner is to sexy.

There is a great boutique in Morningside/Virginia Highlands area called The Fickle Manor. They offer name brands (French Connection, Alice and Trixie, Blu Cult) plus up and coming designers (Yuka, Eva Franco, 2 B Real) in lots of price points. The jewelry selection is really great too!

Also, don’t forget Philene’s Basement! It’s along the lines of Loehmans (which is also great). All the same designer brands as Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Sachs, etc., but low prices!

Festivity in Virginia Highlands & Buckhead ordered my handmade jewelry at a trade show in NYC in Jan. 07. They rec’d all $529 of my merchandise and have not paid me. I have gotten the run around and have been told several times the check was on its way. After 2 times of that story, I stopped believing it. I have left SEVERAL messages for the BUYER and nobody returns my phone calls. AT this point, I feel like they purposely stole from me. It would be as simple as them providing a credit card # to pay for their order that was rc’d 1/26/07, but they are avoiding me. I am a Dallas, TX based jewelry designer, this store was my first store in ATlanta, GA and I am so disappointed at this experience. If anyone knows the Owner or Mgr. of this store, they should tell them that this was posted. Theft is a crime, and Festivity in Virginia Highlands/Buckhead stole from me, an artisan who is just trying to make a living doing what i love. My website is Thanks.

Here’s a pretty comprehensive listing of boutiques in atlanta

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