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Miss Anna (Wintour) Don’t Like Fat People

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Andre Leon Talley is my imaginary VBF (very best friend). In my Pucci printed daydreams, the Vogue editor-at-Large and I stroll, arm in arm, through the Garden State Mall in Paramus, NJ, Andre giving me advice on what shoes to buy during Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale and divulging that Anna Wintour secretly buys her underwear from Target. A I show him how to score a Friends and Family Coupon for Bloomingdales and the amazing restorative powers of a strawberry Orange Julius.

So you can imagine my excitement when I saw my Imaginary VBF on Oprah (another imaginary best friend) last week dishing tips on fashion and dieting. On the show, Andre confirmed what we already knew “Miss Anna (Wintour, the Vogue Editor in Chief) don’t like fat people.” 

I’m pretty sure that she also doesn’t like poor people, people who ride the subway, people who can’t walk in 4 inch stilettos, Santa Claus, and small children.

Before you start to bash her royal evilness, peep this: Wintour was one of the first embrace the Budget Fashionista concept, featuring a mixture of high and low price pieces on the covers of Vogue.