How to Get Relief for Aching Arches

Black High Heel Shoes

We’ve all been there. You grab yourself a super cute pair of shoes online, wait two weeks for them to arrive, only to discover that they hurt your feet every time you wear them. Unfortunately for many people with sensitive feet or high arches, the struggle to find stylish shoes that are not painful to wear is very real.

So are you stuck wearing basic footwear forever? Absolutely not! With a few simple tricks, you can find the support your feet need without sacrificing style.

Arch Support Strategies

1. Invest in insoles

Each time you purchase a new pair of shoes, buy heel guards along with them. These cushy padded shields that you stick inside your shoes protect your heels from slippage and irritation. You can find these tiny lifesavers fairly cheap at places like Target and Walter Drake.

2. Try arch supports

If your arches are giving you pain while you walk, try slipping some arch supports in your shoes. While these products generally have a bad rep, not all arch supports are oversized or bulky. You can grab a two pack of cushioned arch supports at Walmart or Amazon for around $15.

3. Strengthen your muscles

Pain in the foot can develop due to injury, illness, or no known reason at all. Depending on the cause of the discomfort, you may find that exercises help strengthen the muscles and ease the pain. In particular, you want to focus on strengthening the tibialis posterior muscle and stretching the Achilles tendon. One exercise idea involves picking up marbles off the floor using only your toes.

4. Use cold therapy

Much like heat on sore muscles, cold therapy can help alleviate heel and arch discomfort. While a bag of ice cubes will do in a pinch, you may want to consider investing in a massager or wrap for long-term foot problems.

5. Wear a splint at night

Wearing a splint on your foot at night has been found beneficial at relieving some pressure on your arches. By keeping your muscles properly aligned, you can increase strength in your foot while waking up pain-free. Consider a foot wrap or a pair of compression socks for adequate arch support while you sleep.

Along with these tips, choose your shoes carefully. If possible, try them on before you buy and opt for styles with adequate cushioning and arch support. If you experience pain with several different pairs of shoes and it persists, definitely talk to a foot doctor.


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