The Underrated Pant Cut to Wear This Spring

Pants that hit mid-shin may seem difficult to style, but capris are actually really fashionable and ultra-versatile. Here are five reasons to wear this underrated pant cut, with pictures of how I styled the look myself.

Capris for Traveling 

Capris are fabulous for traveling over the spring and summer because they take up less space in your bag. They’re also handy when you’re not sure how the weather will turn out — cooler than jeans and warmer than shorts, the capri is your go-to for looking stylish in moderate weather. 


Me, in Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, France

I brought a pair of zip-up denim capris to France over the summer. They took up very little room rolled up in my suitcase and paired well with Tom’s shoes, a peplum top and cardigan.


denim capris

Denim capris, $28 on sale,

With Boots

During the fall and winter, cropped pants also can be strategically paired with boots. Oftentimes, boots are too tight around your pant leg and can cause discomfort. Or, if your pants have a flared bottom, they look odd stuffed into your shoe. The higher hemline of capris completely gets rid of this issue.

Under Dresses

On the colder side of spring or at night, cropped leggings are practical and fashionable. They can hide under long dresses; especially peasant or maxi dresses that are long enough but sometimes can fly up. Or, use capri leggings to add some pop to a shorter, but bland dress. 

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