Vera Wang For David’s Bridals

What: Shut the front door. Vera Wang is coming to Davids Bridal. Nope, there’s no mistake, you’re reading this right. The queen of bridal gowns is set to launch her own line under a new name next spring.

According to WWD: Wang’s offerings will run from $600 to $1500, with most under $1200, and will, like all David’s collections, run in sizes zero to 30. The collection’s initial range will feature about 20 bridal gowns, which will hit the stores next spring.

What We Say: If you are planning a wedding next year add to your list of things to buy, a pair of sneakers because you’re going to need them to go head to head with other brides who are willing to knock you down to get their hands on the coveted gowns. Remember Monica from the TV show Friends enlisted the help of Phoebe and Rachel to get the dress of her dreams, it was no holds bar. What we honestly love about this is that the collection comes in a variety of sizes so plus size women can rock Vera Wang too. $600 is still a little steep for the pockets of a bride on a budget, but, considering that Vera Wang dresses run for $15,000 or more that $600 is sounding a little bit like a deal.

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  1. Christine says

    THIS. IS. FANTASTIC!!! I’m so excited that Vera Wang is making her dresses accessible, in both size and price … yay!

  2. stylishous says

    I think that’s fantastic. What bride wouldn’t love for a Vera Wang gown to adorn her body onher wedding day. I know that the pone pictured ism’t a David’s Bridal look, but I love it.

  3. says

    Love this!! I may just have to get married again so I can wear one. . . to my husband, of course. 😉

    Seriously, though, way to go Vera.

  4. Amanda says

    Well….it will say Vera Wang but rest assured they will be massed produced gowns made overseas. I’m not hating – I bought a $200 David’s Bridal 7 years ago when I got married, which was mass produced overseas. But really, with the Vera Wang thing you’re shelling out $600 – $1,200 for a name.
    Unless…the designs are phenomenal. We’ll see.

  5. Kirsten says

    I know for a fact that Vera Wang bridal gowns start at $2,800 not $15,000 so don’t let this article scare you away from getting a true couture gown. Also, Vera Wang couture gowns do come in plus sizes! I know many of the samples are size 10, but if you stop in at Vera Wang Chicago, they have a great selection of samples sizes 14 and up! And the dress pictured above is NOT part of the David’s Bridal collection. That is part of Vera Wang Luxe collection.

  6. TBF says

    @kirsten it was a a figure of speech. Also wedding dresses are often a size or two smaller than the size shown (a 14 is more like a 12 or 10). So yeah a dress could say “18” but it is really a 14.

  7. Chennetta Scott says

    I love that Vera Wang is going to be making dresses that one I can afford and fit, but am disappointed that they aren’t available yet because I get married in July and need to buy my dress soon!

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