Cargo Pants That Make Us Happy

The resurrection of trends never ceases to fascinate us. It’s not simply that they come back, but how they come back, that wows us. Mullets came back as dresses, the wide skirts of the Renaissance era came back as peplum jackets and skirts, and shoulder pads, well, those actually just came back. Another pleasant surprise: cargo pants came back for spring… as sexy.

For date night, day time or a night in, there’s a cargo pant for just about any occasion, and we’re happy to say we’re totally on board with the trend, so much so that we’ve narrowed down our top ten cargo pant faves. Go ahead and choose the cargo pant that’s right for you (we know we did!) for this upcoming spring season, but by all means, when you buy them, please don’t fill the pockets. That aspect of the trend needs to stay dead.

Ten Awesome Cargo Pants